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Digimon Data Squad DVDs

Toei Animation and Well Go USA have just signed an agreement to crank out some DVDs for the popular animated series Digimon Data Squad. Through this agreement, Well Go USA will release the Collection Two special edition set in the United States and Canada during the first half of next year. The DVD is filled with episodes of the series, starting at the 14th and continuing through the 26th ...


Digimon Data Squad in Australia

For those ToonBarners out there in Australia and New Zealand who also happen to be fans of Digimon Data Squad, it looks like today is your day!  Toei Animation Inc. has signed up with Wild Pumpkin International to start cranking out new merchandise based on the animated series.  Toys, shirts, the whole deal!  Stuff should be hitting stores later this year, so let us know when you find it! ...


Digimon Data Squad toys

Digimon Data Squad needs toys! And they’ll get’em! Toei Animation has signed on with Bandai Asia Co. to get toys based on the popular animated series in toy stores. This includes a new digivice data link, new 1.5-inch collectible figures, and new 3.5-inch lightning digivolving figures. ...


Digimon Data Squad on DVD

If you’ve been sitting around, wondering when you could finally get your hands on some Digimon Data Squad DVDs, well wait no more! Toei Animation has signed a deal with Well Go USA to release DVDs of the series all across the US and Canada. The first box set, which will include the first thirteen episodes of Digimon Data Squad, will be hitting stores this spring. ...

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