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9 Story Acquires The Diary of Bita & Cora

9 Story Distribution International has just announced that they have acquired the worldwide distribution rights to the new stop motion animated series, The Diary of Bita & Cora, from Spain’s TV ON Producciones. The 26 x 5 series is targeted towards children aged 4 to 6 and scheduled for a completion date of September 2018. The Diary of Bita & Cora is produced by Paloma Mora and ...


CAKE Gets Distribution Rights for Tolibob

CAKE has inked an agreement to be the distributor for the new animated preschool series Tolibob, which is produced by Beakus in collaboration with Cloth Cat for ABC (Australia) and CBeebies (UK). CAKE will manage rights for the series all over the world, excluding Japan. The series features Tolibobs, a group of creative creatures including Tib, Lalloo and Bobble who live in a huge forest where ...


Get Ace International Distribution Rights Acquired by 9 Story

9 Story Enterprises has recently announced that they have acquired the worldwide distribution rights (excluding New Zealand and Australia) to the animated comedy series Get Ace (52 x 11). The series is produced Galaxy Pop and premiered recently on Network TEN’s ELEVEN in Australia Get Ace focuses on the hilarious misadventures of a nerdy first year high schooler named Ace McDougal, who ...

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