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Lalaloopsy Gets a Netflix Series

The popular toy property Lalaloopsy will be gracing the small screens again, though this time around it’s going to come via a brand new Netflix original series titled We’re Lalaloopsy. Slated for release on January 10, the 13 episode series will bring back the six creative friends and their silly pets, while providing a musical upgrade to the property. We’re Lalaloopsy is set in the ...

Mattel and Technicolor Team-up for new Barbie holiday special

Mattel and Technicolor Team-up for new Barbie holiday special

Technicolor has recently announced its partnership with Mattel’s Barbie brand for the popular toyline’s latest DVD movie, Barbie: A Perfect Christmas. The feature will be Barbie’s 22nd GC-animated film to date, and will be released in North America on November 8, with a UK release scheduled for November 22. Technicolor’s contribution to the project includes pre-production (design, ...

Nickelodeon magically works on Winx Club toys

Nickelodeon magically works on Winx Club toys

They might have a great deal of magic, and magix, to back up their beauty, but the Winx fairies don’t know all that much about making toys and products and such. Thus, the good folks at Nickelodeon decided they’d partner with the experts at JAKKS Pacific as the master toy licensee for the Winx Club. Included in the deal are all types of figures and bags and other goodies based on ...

Mattel and MGA Entertainment continue the battle for Bratz

Mattel and MGA Entertainment continue the battle for Bratz

Maybe you thought it was over. Maybe you thought it was safe to go back into the water. But, apparently, the battle between MGA Entertainment and Mattel for the rights to the Bratz is never-ending! The most recent ruling int he case by a federal judge gave MGA the right to a new trial on every issue between the two companies. Prior to that, Mattel won a huge battle, reclaiming ownership of ...

Strawberry Shortcake celebrates her 30th year

Strawberry Shortcake celebrates her 30th year

American Greetings Properties has big things planned for their sweet-smelling princess, Strawberry Shortcake. As 2010 marks the 30th anniversary for Strawberry Shortcake, we’ve already seen a resurgence in popularity – most notably in her brand new series on The Hub, Strawberry Shortcake’s Berry Bitty Adventures. But that’s not all, berry fans! We’ll also soon be ...


2009 Holiday Toon Toys

There are always so many different action figures, play sets, stuffed dolls, and video games to choose from — especially as November and December roll around, when all the toy companies want to make sure they get in your house for the holidays 🙂 Of all the options, what are you hoping to own? And I know, I know… Zhu Zhu Pets… we’re talking toon-specific stuff here! ...


The Princess And The Frog

Disney is working with Mattel and CDI, to launch a toy line based on the upcoming Disney animated feature The Princess And The Frog.  The film, which will hit theaters in December, expands on Disney’s princess line and will have a number of toys, dolls, dresses, and other accessories for the movie. ...


The Bratz battle wages on!

It’s been brewing for a few months now, but we finally saw the end to the war between MGA’s Bratz and Mattel’s Barbie.  …maybe.  A judge ruled this week that MGA has to stop creating and selling the popular Bratz dolls — including Bratz Petz, Bratz Boys and Baby Bratz.  It wont happen immediately, but it’s possible you wont see them in stores anymore as ...


Rainbow Brite returns!

Waaay back in the distant history of 1984, there was a doll and cartoon based on the then-popular character Rainbow Brite.  Now, nearly 25 years later, a new Rainbow Brite cartoon is being readied for tv, featuring Rainbow Brite and her friends.  And what comes next?  Toys!  Playmates Toys has already started looking into the best way to get Rainbow Brite toys to your hands, including ...

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