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One Piece, Gundam ZZ, and Dragon Ball Z to Be Streamed by

At the recent Anime Expo, Sunrise announced that will be streaming three popular anime series, namely One Piece, Dragon Ball Z, and Gundam ZZ. There’s no denying that One Piece and Dragon Ball Z are already popular franchises all over the world in one way or another (with their anime, videogames, and merchandise finding a lot of success even in the west), but this marks the ...


New Official Dragon Ball Game for Android Devices

There is an unfortunate dearth of Dragonball-related apps on tablets, unless you count the hundreds of fan made apps out there, all of which have quality that runs anywhere from “crappy” to “insulting.” In fact, let’s be specific and just say that there have been no officially made Dragonball game on Android and iOS devices. Namco Bandai is looking to fix that ...


Dragon Ball Z – Battle of Gods Promo Contains Plenty of New Footage

A new promo for the upcoming Dragon Ball Z film, titled Battle of Gods has been released. The new one seems to be significantly better than the previous trailers content-wise, as it features plenty of never before seen footage. Plenty of fanservice, too. Such as the Great Saiyaman, transforming into the Giant Ape, and a proper look at the showdown between Goku (in his various states of Super ...

Classic Dragonball Z Battles Reanimated Through Flipbooks

Classic Dragonball Z Battles Reanimated Through Flipbooks

Flipbook animation is probably one of the most commonly used methods of bringing characters to animated life these days, as it doesn’t require any equipment outside of a thick book and a drawing implement, and can be done anywhere – particularly during a boring lecture or during lunch break. While most of the flipbook animation out there is rough and consists mainly of stick figures, ...

Shonen Jump Theme Park to Open in Tokyo Next Year

Shonen Jump Theme Park to Open in Tokyo Next Year

In case you’re one of the people who opine that Disneyland is sorely lacking in male teen-oriented rides, you may want to change your itinerary to Ikebukuro, Tokyo next summer, as the Namco Bandai Group has just announced plans to open a new indoor theme park that will focus on popular brands from the hit manga magazine, Weekly Shonen Jump. ...

Dragonball Z Movie: Battle of Gods Villain Identified

Dragonball Z Movie: Battle of Gods Villain Identified

A few weeks ago, the promo poster for the upcoming Dragonball Z Movie has been released, and it showed a villain that looks somewhat like a cross between a rabbit and a cat, but is actually modeled after the Egyptian god Anubis. No details were given regarding the plot and the identity of the villains, until now. ...

Turner Expands Toonami and Cartoonito in Asia

Turner Expands Toonami and Cartoonito in Asia

Turner Broadcasting System Asia Pacific will be launching its Toonami anime channel and their Cartoonito preschool network across Southeast Asia in early 2013. Turner will continue to carry their existing kids channels in the region, such as Cartoon Network, Boomerang, and POGO. Toonami will be a 24 hour boy-targeted multi platform block, and will offer hit animated shows targeted towards young ...

Is Toonami Back?

Is Toonami Back?

You read that right, Toonami is back! Along with Cartoon Planet. Last April 1, Toonami took over Adult Swim Saturday Anime and made a whole new line up: Bleach Dragon Ball Z Gundam Wing Tenchi Muyo Outlaw Star Big O YuYu Hakusho Blue sub #6 Trigun Classic Astro Boy Classic Gigantor ...

Anime Adaptation of Dragonball Bardock Spin-off Greenlit

Anime adaptation of Dragonball Bardock spin-off greenlit

There is news going around that an anime adaptation of Dragonball Episode of Bardock has been green lit and ready for pre-production. Keep in mind that Episode of Bardock is a short three-chapter manga that ran inbetween the August and October issues of V-Jump – it’s different from Dragon Ball Z: Bardock – The Father of Goku, which is a canonical exposition on the story of Goku’s ...

The Monkey King Returns in 3D

The Monkey King Returns in 3D

Originally released in the 1960s, the multiple award winning animated film “Monkey Makes Havoc in Heaven” is arguably one of the most famous Chinese cartoons of all time, and the new generation may get a chance to see it in a whole new light, as t he film is scheduled for a 3D remake to be released in January. “Havoc in Heaven” was created and released during the 1960s, when the Chinese ...

Dragonball Z: Ultimate Tenkaichi

New Trailer for Dragonball Z: Ultimate Tenkaichi

SUH-WEET! Namco Bandai has released a new trailer for their latest Dragonball game, Ultimate Tenkaichi. The usual heavyweight villains are shown, as you can expect from any Dragonball game trailer (especially ones that are from the Tenkaichi series, since their selling point is the sheer number of characters they have.): Cell, Frieza, Buu are all featured, but surprising is the appearance of ...

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