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New Ducktales Patch Comes with Quick Cinema Mode and Other Fixes

New Ducktales Patch Comes with Quick Cinema Mode and Other Fixes

A new patch for Wayforward’s DuckTales Remastered has been released yesterday. It should happen automatically when you boot up the game on all platforms (unless you’re playing a pirated version, you naughty little pirate you.) The biggest change contained in the patch is a Quick Cinema mode, which will add a much faster way of skipping the cutscenes (instead of constantly pausing the ...


Ducktales Remastered Gets Boxed Version Next Month

Capcom and Wayforward’s HD remaster of the classic NES platformer Ducktales was a digital download title for the PC and current gen consoles, which is fine for people who just want to play the game but a travesty to people who wanted a tangible copy, maybe so that they can display it alongside their perfectly preserved NES cart of the original. If you’re one of these people, you will ...


New Ducktales Remastered Trailer Takes You to Space

WayForward’s Ducktales Remastered is now available for the Playstation 3, Wii U, and PC, so it’s time for you to revisit one of the most iconic cartoon shows and NES platformers of the early 90s, except you don’t get to revisit the actual properties, because DuckTales Remastered comes with a shiny new coating of HD. In case you fail to envision what that must be like, you can check out the ...


DuckTales Remastered Duckumentary

We’re only a month away from the release of WayForward’s HD remake of the iconic NES platformer, Ducktales. And what better way to tide you over until the release than with a lenghty video documentary about the game’s sounds? ...


New Ducktales Remastered Trailer Features the African Mines

We’re only a week or so away from the release of WayForward’s remake of the iconic NES platformer Ducktales (which is based on the popular Disney cartoon), but they’re not done with the sneak peeks. Previously, they have released a lengthy trailer showing off the Himalayas level – now they’ve released another that is focused on the African Mines level. ...


New Trailer for Ducktales Remastered Features the Himalayas Level

A brand-spanking new trailer has just been released for Capcom and WayForward’s upcoming HD remake of the classic NES platformer, DuckTales. Dubbed Ducktales Remastered, the game will recreate the iconic game (which is based on the equally iconic cartoon series with an equally iconic opening theme song) but will add all sorts of bells and whistles on top of a few shiny things. ...


Capcom Confirms PC Port of Ducktales Remastered

Us PC gamers get the really short end of the stick these days. Sure, we have exclusives because there are some genres of games that are better suited to the PC’s unique control scheme, but overall, major devs are focusing more on consoles. If we ever get a port of their flagship games, it’s either poorly done (30 fps cap, lack of configuration options) or DRMed up the wazoo. Capcom, ...


Capcom to Remaster DuckTales for All 3 Major Consoles

If you’re old enough to remember Disney’s animated series DuckTales, there are probably two important things you remember about it. First is that it had one of the best cartoon theme songs EVER. Second is that it also has a very good action platforming game on the NES. Capcom and Wayforward Technologies (the folks behind the awesome Adventure Time game on the DS) have recently ...

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