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Tremblay Bros. Studios and Gator Group debut Logan's Wildlife Quest

Tremblay Bros. Studios and Gator Group debut Logan’s Wildlife Quest

Wildlife adventures, endangered animals, and protecting the environment — oh my! One brand new toon is taking on the challenge of educating the world about the precious beauties it contains, then doing all it can to save them. Thus is the story of Logan’s Wildlife Quest. A brainchild of Joe Kavanagh, the 3D animated series is developed by Gator Group and Tremblay Bros. Studios, ...



Edebe Audiovisual has plans to bring its brand new ecology based toon ‘Edebits’ to TVs all around the world. The series, which mixes 2D and 3D animation, stars a young girl named Bet, who lives in Antarctica with her parents, and explores the ways people can use technology to help solve environmental issues. Together with her family, Bet tackles such issues as climate change, polar ...


Boo and Me

KidsCo has joined forces with Inspidea, to produce a new green-themed animated series called Boo and Me.  The show is about Boo the Orangutan, who was rescued from hunters, and his two pals Aiman and Yasmin (both people!) as they learn about the environment and conservation.  The toon will launch in September across KidsCo channels in Europe, Russia, Middle East, Africa and Asia. ...


Nickelodeon celebrates Earth Day

Nickelodeon celebrates the planet on Earth Day, April 22nd, with new green-themed episodes of iCarly and True Jackson, VP, The Wonder Pets!, Olivia, and Wow! Wow! Wubbzy! Noggin will also be showing green-themed episodes of Toot & Puddle, Yo Gabba Gabba! and Pinky Dinky Doo throughout the day. Both channels will also run segments with kids and what they are doing to protect the ...


SpongeBob and You Save the Big Blue

He may live under the sea, but SpongeBob is just as concerned about the earth as we are! To show his environmental support, Nickelodeon and Humanity have joined forces to create five environmentally themed, SpongeBob t-shirts. Mr. SquarePants wiill also be part of The Big Green Help’s water conservation campaign, SpongeBob and You Save the Big Blue. The shirts will start to be available ...


Shelldon moves (very, very, very slowly?) to qubo

Shelldon will be sliming his way to qubo, to air on NBC, Telemundo, and ION TV networks all around in the spring of 2009.  The series, which is CGI animated, is about a young snail named Shelldon (get it??) and his adventuresin Shell Land.  Shellhut Entertainment, the producers of the show, hope to get as much education about marine life and sea creatures as possible into the episodes, to help ...

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