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Nickelodeon Teams Up With LoopDeLoop

This coming October 3, Nickelodeon Animation Studio will be joining forces with bi-monthly animation challenge organizers LoopDeLoop in order to shine a spotlight on groups of talent that it has uncovered, via a special screening that will be held at the Studio in Burbank, California. The event will be free and open to the artistic community. LoopDeLoop will use the event to showcase original ...


Cartoon Network Takes its Show on the Road with Cartoon Network Road Tour

Fresh off a record-setting ratings success as the only kids’ network to garner across-the-board growth in 2012, as well as its most watched year in Prime during its 20 year history, Cartoon Network is jumping ahead of the customary Kids Upfront season by taking its show on the road with the Cartoon Network Road Tour. Armed with more than a dozen new productions as well as multiple returning ...

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