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Blake J. Harris in Burbank, CA

The History of the Future of Console Wars: A conversation with bestselling author Blake J. Harris

Video games are great, but books about video games are even better!– Evan Goldberg, from ‘Foreward’ by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg, in Console Wars: Sega, Nintendo, and the Battle That Defined a Generation by Blake J. Harris. If Evan Goldberg’s aforementioned statement is true, then wordsmith Blake J. Harris is better-than-better. He has two video game-themed books to his ...


Amazon Debuts Special Holiday Episode of Creative Galaxy on Friday

This coming Friday, December 5, Amazon will be debuting a special holiday episode of their preschool series Creative Galaxy on Prime Instant Video. The series is comes from Out of the Blue Enterprises, and is the braindchild of Angela Santomero (of Blue’s Clues and Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood), who is also on board as Executive Producer. Creative Galaxy is described as a “make along, create ...


Adventure Time’s Top 10 Countdown Starts Today

Starting today, Cartoon Network is counting down Finn’s Top-10 Adventure Time Accessories on their Adventure Time Facebook. The countdown will revisit some of the niftiest reliquaries from the popular animated comedy series, which might include Will Finn’s original sword, Scarlet, or even Gunter’s Keyboard. If you are interested in knowing which 10 items are a must have for Finn during his ...


South Park Recreated in 3D for Oculus Rift

Besides being acquired by Facebook (a development that many people didn’t appreciate because of Facebook’s reputation,) there’s not a lot of news about the Oculus Rift these days, particularly with regard to available applications and games for the device. However, if you’re a big fan of Trey Parker and Matt Stone’s South Park franchise, you at least have something to look forward to ...


JumpStart’s School of Dragons now on iPhone with HTTYD2 Updates

If you’re like me, then you have already seen How To Train Your Dragon 2 at least 5 times, and you are calling it the best movie of the year. If you’re even more like me, you want to spend more time in that world with Hiccup, Toothless and all the Riders of Berk. Well, I have good news for those of you who want more Dragons. JumpStart® is announcing yet another monumental addition to ...


Toon Hero App Launches Social Network BETA

LOS ANGELES, CA – March 20, 2014 – Today, Trigger Happy, the creators of the animated storytelling app Toon Hero, launched their own social network, Users will be able to publish their creations faster and directly on the social network using HTML5 technology with the newly released version 1.4 of the app. A user profile is created, which showcase each of the individual’s ...


JumpStart’s School of Dragons® Now on Android, iPad, Facebook, and Web

TORRANCE, CALIF. – March 18, 2013 — JumpStart® is proud to announce the School of Dragons® game has just launched on the Android platform and is now available in Google Play™ and Amazon® app stores for Android-powered tablets. The app adds to the game’s existing, robust platform portfolio which includes an iPad app, Facebook game, and web browser game. The School of Dragons game ...

Multiplatform Campaign for Futurama's Seventh Season

Multiplatform Campaign for Futurama’s Seventh Season

Comedy Central is preparing a huge multiplatform promotional campaign for the seventh season of the hit animated show Futurama, which will start airing on June 20, 10 PM. Their first campaign is the special Countdown to Futurama Facebook page, which went live yesterday and will continue for 50 days, providing fans with exclusive content that includes teaser clips, character designs, episode ...

Moonscoop to Launch Social Online Game Based on Code Lyoko Cartoon

Moonscoop to launch social online game based on Code Lyoko

In case social games that make you grow crops and milk cows is too slow or mundane for your tastes, then you may want to wait hold your breath for a while and wait for one that makes you fight and prevent a deadly multi-agent cell from taking over the whole world. French producer 3D Duo and Brand Management and Entertainment Studio Moonscoop have partnered to produce and launch a new social ...

Transform your Facebook Profile into a Thundercats character

Transform your Facebook profile into a ThunderCats character

If you’re a fan of Warner Bros’ Recent reboot of the ThunderCats series and would like more ways to show people of your interest, then the new ThunderCats Mane Frame FB app will be a godsend. The ThunderCats Mane Frame application is a facebook app that lets users transform themselves into a wide variety of Thundercats characters, with options for both heroes and villains. The app uses ...

Runaway Road Trip brings SpongeBob and Bikini Bottom to Twitter

Runaway Road Trip brings SpongeBob and Bikini Bottom to Twitter

He’s conquered pineapples under the sea, now he’s conquering social media! SpongeBob SquarePants takes full advantage of the Twitter-verse as the iconic Nickelodeon mascot promotes the five all-new “get-away”-themed episodes of his hit series airing this week. Each premieres at 5pm, but is replayed multiple times through out the day and week to make sure you get to ...

Marathon Media's Totally Spies goes totally Facebook

Marathon Media’s Totally Spies goes totally Facebook

Marathon Media has taken fans of Totally Spies on an all new adventure. The animation company recently synced up with Facebook (just like the billions of us!) to create a Real Player Game — not your typical “RPG”. The beta version of the game, developed by Ouat Entertainment, has been running on Facebook since September of 2010, and has already accumulated over 600,000 ...

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