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Fan-Made Zelda: Breath of the Wild Commercial for Lon-Lon Milk

The Legend of Zelda franchise is full of lore and mysteries that fans devote a lot of their time to discussing and solving, but one of the most enduring mysteries concerns the ever-present Lon-Lon Milk. It’s normal for fans to wonder what it tastes like. Until videogames progress to the point where taste is involved, it’s likely that we’ll never know. However, a new unofficial animated ...


The Legend of Zelda Fan Short: The Dark Mask

The guys over at Mars Rising Films are big fans of the Zelda franchise, so it’s not surprise that their “The Dark Mask” short is all sorts of awesome, giving people an idea of what an admittedly low budget TV series about The Legend of Zelda would look like. Hey, we don’t necessarily agree with the casting choices but you have to agree that it sorta works, and the action is decent ...


New Mega Man Fan Short: Mega Man Serv Bot

Mega Man fans have a reason to start their new year with a smile, or at least a chuckle, as artist and animator ultimatemaverickx has just released a brand new animated short that features the cute and relatively harmless (technically, they were very cheap and dangerous characters in the Capcom VS games, but canonically, they’re not really much of a threat) Serv Bots having a go at being the ...

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