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FAN VIDEO: Star Fox Cartoon – A Fox in Space

Star Fox is one of those Nintendo properties that isn’t on the same level as the Marios and the Donkey Kongs when it comes to popularity, yet still has enough fan following to ensure that you’re going to see an installment for every generation. Recently, Production I.G. and WIT Studio teamed up for an animated Star Fox short called “Star Fox Zero: The Battle Begins.” It is pretty good, ...


Fan Video: Adventure Time in 3D CG

Despite its distinctive art and animation style, Pendleton Ward’s Adventure Time isn’t exactly a stranger to experimentation. In fact, there’s an upcoming episode that will see Finn, Jake, and the Land of Ooo rendered in glorious stop motion. Youtuber Mike Inel pitches in with his own fan experimentation, via a 3D CG rendition of “Go With Me” from season 2. Inel used a combination of ...


Final Fantasy VII: The Series Proof of Concept

Director Roth Grind, PermaGrin Films, and the Rind-Raja Picture Company has recently posted a proof of concept video for their live-action Final Fantasy VII adaptation, with the intent of providing a glimpse at Roth’s vision of how the original Playstation RPG would look like when done in live action. The proof of concept shows an adaptation that leans more towards realism and western visuals, ...


FAN VIDEO: The Legend of Zelda – Race for Rupees

Animator Callegos Yavolitak has recently posted a short but extremely enjoyable fan video for The Legend of Zelda, the quality of which is so high that it makes you wish Nintendo would get off their butts and develop a CG animated series already. The short is titled Racing for Ruppes, and features Link trying to score himself a new shield. Unfortunately for the hero of time, the shield costs more ...


Fan Group Creates Live Action Trailer for Dragon Ball Z’s History of Trunks

Fan Group Robot Underdog is planning to create a live-action adaptation of Dragon Ball Z in a way that will stay true to the source material, while giving fans an idea on what Akira Toriyama’s long-running anime and manga franchise will look like as a proper live-action film. They’re starting with an adaptation of The History of Trunks, and have released a teaser trailer featuring Future Son ...


Live-Action Batman: The Animated Series Opening

As much as we’d like it to be, Fox’s upcoming Gotham TV series isn’t going to be the live-action equivalent of Batman: The Animated Series. Heck, based on previous announcements, there’s a chance that it might not even qualify as a Batman series. Thankfully, a bunch of fans have taken the time to produce what we feel is a really damn good live-action version of the B:TaS intro. If Gotham ...


Fan Video – Pacific Rim: How it Should Have Ended

Guillermo del Toro’s big ol’ tribute to Japan’s mecha and kaiju films Pacific Rim is one of the more divisive films released this year, possibly equaling Prometheus in the amount of praise and criticism it got (and like Prometheus, it performed a little bit below people’s expectations, especially considering that it generated a lot of buzz during the production stage.) ...

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