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Chris Evans, from Human Torch to Captain America

Chris Evans, from Human Torch to Captain America

Though he’s already appeared as Johnny Storm twice already in the Fantastic Four movie franchise, word is that Chris Evans will be dropping the fire from the Human Torch, and donning the Stars and Stripes as Captain America in the upcoming film. Neither Marvel nor Disney has yet to officially confirm the report, but our sources say the lead is solid, pinning Evans as Steve Rogers, the ...


Fantastic Four, Hero: 108, Chloe’s Closet to Moonscoop

Wouldn’t it be cool if you could own a few episodes of your favorite cartoons? What about 10 episodes? What about …200?? Moonscoop must think the same way, because they just signed a deal with GMTV for 200 episodes of its programs. This will include shows like Marvel’s Fantastic Four, Code Lyoko, Cosmic Quantum Ray, the new animated series Hero:108 — all of which will ...


Disney to buy Marvel

Mickey and Spidey, happy together? Looks like it! News across the blogosphere is that the Walt Disney Co. will be buying Marvel Entertainment Inc. for a super-hero-sized sum of money (upwards of $4 billion in cash and stock). This brings characters like Spider-Man, Hulk, Iron Man, Captain America, Wolverine and others into the family of Mickey Mouse, Goofy, Nemo, WALL-E, and Aladdin. Worlds ...


Astro Boy gets some audio

Astro Boy is now less than 3 months from hitting theaters in the US, and we’re starting to get some of the final details on the CG film. This time around, its information on the audio portions of the movie, which will debut October 23rd. Composer John Ottman (who worked on Superman Returns) and sound designer Richard Anderson (who worked on Superman Returns, X-Men, and Fantastic Four) ...


Wolverine invades Japan

Marvel Entertainment Inc., has partnered with renowned Japanese animation studio Madhouse and multiple-Eagle Award winner Warren Ellis to create four all new anime versions of classic Marvel Super Heroes: one of which is everyone’s favorite clawed mutant, Wolverine! We started talking about this almost a year ago, but now we can finally get a first glimpse of the work in progress, as ...


Marvel makes a Gazillion deals!!!

Well… kind of!  Marvel Entertainment and Gazillion Entertainment have signed up to develop massively multiplayer online (MMOs) games about Marvel’s universe of characters, from movies and cartoons.  The first game in based on the upcoming Cartoon Network series, Marvel’s Super Hero Squad, which includes Iron Man, Hulk, Wolverine, Thor, fantastic Four, Captain America, and ...


The Marvel Universe heads to Japan

The Marvel Universe is hoping to expand into Japan.  Marvel Entertainment, Inc. is partnering with Madhouse, a famous Japanese animation studio to create new characters for the Japanese market.  The two companies will work closely with one another, trying to produce a few new Japanese anime series that are inspired by Marvel’s immense library of characters.  The art will be adapted ...

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