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Pixar’s Finding Nemo 3D Earns $17M During the Weekend

Pixar's Finding Nemo 3D Earns $17M During the Weekend

Disney-Pixar’s 3D Re-release of Finding Nemo saw a solid opening this weekend, boasting of more than $17 million sales in the box office. It only managed to snag second place for this weekend, but it’s still impressive considering that it’s just a theatrical re-release. It’s in 3D, but it’s been proven time and again that people will not watch a movie they don’t like even if you show it in 3 dimensions.

Finding Nemo 3D Coming This Fall

Finding Nemo 3D Coming This Fall

3D movies have always been hit and miss, as there are movies that simply don’t lend themselves well to the 3rd dimension even if the movie was shot in 3D from the start (instead of being turned into one during post.) This is where CG movies usually excel at, because not only are they easier to convert into proper 3D, the added depth actually helps improve the experience. Now, Pixar is going to give one of their classic films the 3D treatment, with the upcoming 3D re-release of Finding Nemo.

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