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EllenTube Previews New Finding Dory Spot

Ellen DeGeneres’ EllenTube has recently unveiled a new TV spot for the upcoming Disney-Pixar film Finding Dory, where the host voices the eponymous forgetful blue tang. The film is set after the events of Finding Nemo, and will follow the further adventures of Dory as she tries to find her long lost family. The film is scheduled for a June 17, 2016 release. Official Synopsis: Finding Dory ...


Tokyopop Discusses New Disney Books

Tokyopop, a division of POP Media Holdings established by entrepreneur and filmmaker Stu Levy has proclaimed plans to return into North American publishing with a series of family friendly English-language Manga books by Disney including Alice in Wonderland: Special Collector’s Manga, a massive 352-page hardcover adaptation of the classic film and Pixar Manga Collection: Finding Nemo, a ...


Teaser of Finding Dory Debuts Before Trailer

Watch out for a new trailer for Finding Dory on March 2, Wednesday. The trailer of Disney-Pixar’s much-awaited sequel of Finding Nemo will debut on The Ellen Degeneres show. And as an appetizer, the studio provided an adorable little ‘Have You Seen Her?’ teaser spot. Finding Dory will open in theaters June 17, 2016 and is directed by Andrew Stanton. Co-directed by Angus MacLane, it ...


Finding Dory: Two Supporting Characters Revealed

Here’s a scoop for Finding Nemo fans! Pixar just gave Entertainment Weekly on two supporting characters that will help Dory track down her family in the new movie Finding Dory, the sequel to the successful animation Finding Nemo. The two whales act like dysfunctional siblings though they are evidently different species. Ty Burrell of Modern Family plays Bailey, a snub-nosed beluga whale while ...


VIDEO: US Trailer for Finding Nemo Sequel, Finding Dory

It’s been a long time coming (and was announced from way back,) but the marketing gears have started turning for the sequel to Pixar’s iconic Finding Nemo movie, titled Finding Dory. If the title hasn’t made it obvious yet, the sequel now focuses on Ellgen DeGeneres’ perpetually forgetful fish, Dory. Set some time after the events of Finding Nemo, Finding Dory follows Nemo and Marlin as ...


Disney Planning Incredibles Sequel, Cars 3

According to a recent report by Variety, Walt Disney’s CEO Bob Iger has confirmed that Pixar is planning to produce a 3rd installment for its popular Cars franchise as well as a sequel to the breakout hit The Incredibles. Iger confirmed the plans during the company’s shareholders meeting in Portland, Oregon. ...


Pixar Confirms Sequel to Finding Nemo: Finding Dory

It’s not that surprising at this point, as Pixar has already hinted in the past that they’re interested in revisiting Finding Nemo (which they initially did by re-releasing the film on 3D), but Pixar has all but officially confirmed a sequel by announcing the title and the details to the follow up. Specific plot details are still marked as TBA, but the title was already confirmed as ...

New Clips from Finding Nemo

New Clips from Finding Nemo

We’re only a couple or so weeks away from the Blu Ray and Blu Ray 3D release of Finding Nemo 3D, which should be the perfect gift during the holidays, as Finding Nemo’s beautiful rendering of Nemo, Dory, and Marlin’s undersea adventures is one of the few CG animated movies that must be really seen in full HD glory (something that only a Blu Ray disc is capable of doing outside of the ...

Finding Nemo Swims Into Blu-Ray on December

Finding Nemo Swims Into Blu-Ray on December

This coming December 4, 2012, Disney/Pixar’s Finding Nemo will be making its way in breathtaking HD and 3D to home screens just in time for the holidays. This marks the first time the Oscar Award-winning underwater adventure will appear in HD Blu Ray, Blu Ray 3D, and Digital platforms. Finding Nemo was originally released in theaters last 2003, treating viewers to the heartwarming tale of ...

Andrew Stanton to Direct Finding Nemo Sequel

Andrew Stanton to Direct Finding Nemo Sequel

After the disappointing box office flop of the live action adaptation of John Carter from Mars, director Andrew Stanton will be returning to more familiar ground by directing the sequel to Pixar’s hit CG movie Finding Nemo. The screenplay is currently being worked on by Victoria Strouse (October Road) while production duties is handled by Lindsey Collins (Wall.E – John Carter). ...

Finding Nemo 3D Coming This Fall

Finding Nemo 3D Coming This Fall

3D movies have always been hit and miss, as there are movies that simply don’t lend themselves well to the 3rd dimension even if the movie was shot in 3D from the start (instead of being turned into one during post.) This is where CG movies usually excel at, because not only are they easier to convert into proper 3D, the added depth actually helps improve the experience. Now, Pixar is going to ...

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