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Cartoon Network Gets a New Summer Look

Cartoon Network has recently received a brand new look courtesy of their in-house creative agency Creative Group, just in time for summer. The new look sports brightly colored images, as is expected of any summer theme, and is complemented by a video that seamlessly blends the work of top animators from all over the world. The new look is part of their 2013 Summer Refresh, with new graphics ...


Adventure Time Gets New iOS Game: Rock Bandits

A brand-spanking new Adventure Time game will be hitting the iOS platform via the side-scrolling action platformer titled “Rock Bandits,” which fans can download on their iPhone or iPad for $1.99. Rock Bandits features Pendleton Ward’s popular creations Finn and Jake going on a mission to Marceline the Vampire Queen…’s fans. The game will take players through 20 ...

New Trailer for Adventure Time Videogame

New Trailer for Adventure Time Videogame

A new trailer has just been released for Wayforward’s upcoming Adventure Time game for the Nintendo DS and 3DS, titled “Adventure Time: Hey Ice King! Why’d You Steal Our Garbage?” The trailer shows Hey Ice King’s Zelda-like 2D overhead sections as well as the 2D sidescrolling sections. There’s also a glimpse of a boss fight, and the various moves Finn and Jake are capable of. ...

Adventure Time's 5th Season Launches on November 12

Adventure Time’s 5th Season Launches on November 12

Fans of Pendleton Ward’s hit animated comedy series Adventure Time will have an even more mathematical time this November, as the 5th season of the award-winning 2D toon series kicks off on Monday, November 12 at 7:30 pm ET/PT. The new season of Adventure Time promises to shed some more light on the old and new colorful inhabitants of Ooo-including the much-awaited return of the reformed ...


D3Publisher Announces Adventure Time DS Game

D3Publisher has finally revealed the details to the Adventure Time DS game that series creator Pendleton Ward teased a number of weeks ago. Developed in collaboration with Cartoon Network Enterprises, the game is entitled Adventure time: Hey Ice King! Why’d You Steal Our Garbage?! And will be available for both the Nintendo DS and 3DS handhelds late fall. ...

Jake's Tough Break

Jake’s Tough Break

On Monday, March 26, Cartoon Network will give fans of Adventure Time a new game to play with. Called Jake’s Tough Break, the new Adventure Time game puts players in the role of Jake, who has to use his removable extremities in order to track down the mighty Magic Man’s hat and break his curse. ...

The Snow Golem says Thank You to the Fire Kingdom

The Snow Golem says Thank You to the Fire Kingdom

Many of us here at ToonBarn Studios are visiting family for Thanksgiving. Others are getting together with friends. While I’m not positive where every single person is going to be, I can very definitively tell you no one will hang out with a Snow Golem, or visit a Fire Kingdom, or, and especially not this one, eat a bunch of sandwiches on top of the Ice King. That’s right, I said ...

Wild Berry Princess, Finn and Jake vs Me-Mow

Wild Berry Princess, Finn and Jake vs Me-Mow

You’d think Wild Berry Princess would be able to defend herself against this teeny, tiny, innocent and adorable little kitten. And, technically, I guess she really would be able to handle that challenge with no problem. However, in this Monday’s episode of Adventure Time, we learn that Me-Mow isn’t just a sweet kitty cat, but a tiny feline assassin, capable of maiming attacks ...

No One Can Hear You Finn, so no Adventure Time

No One Can Hear You, Finn, so no Adventure Time

Finn is quite the imaginative young man, always able to think up the greatest stuff and let his creativity steer the regular journeys he goes on with everyone else in the Land of Ooo. But, what if there was no one else? No Jake, no Princess, no Marceline – not a single other citizen of Ooo? Sorta cuts short the adventure portion of Adventure Time. Such is the premise of November ...

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