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Adventure Time: Fionna and Cake Mathematical Edition Coming in July

Push aside that pile of paperbacks on your coffee table and clear your July reading schedule because it’s time to make room for something awesome. Finn and Jake’s female counterparts are getting their very own special edition graphic novel. Finally the ADVENTURE TIME series based on the wildly popular gender-flipped episode has its own deluxe hardcover!! ...


Play Adventure Time: Fionna Fights from Your Browser

If you’re looking for a new Adventure Time game, particularly one that you can play straight from your browser, you’re in luck. Because we have just added Adventure Time: Fionna Fights into our Game section, giving you a chance to step into the shoes of Adventure Time’s gender-swapped duo, Fionna and Cake. In Fionna Fights, Finn’s female counterpart and Marshall Lee were on their way to ...

Adventure Time x Studio Ghibli Mash-Ups

Adventure Time x Studio Ghibli Mash-Ups

It’s true that both Pendleton Ward’s Adventure Time and most of Studio Ghibli’s works are universally loved and enjoyed by fans of animation, but aside from that, there’s nothing else tying the two together, and they’re not exactly the two cartoons that come to mind when thinking of a mash-up, but 17 year old artist dmd has went ahead and created a stunning set of mash-ups that feature ...

Going From Bad to Worse on Adventure Time's Halloween special

Going From Bad to Worse on Adventure Time’s Halloween special

Finn and Jake have been on some pretty awesome adventures. Some have been magical, some have been fantastical, some have even flipped the world on end and turned Finn and Jake into Fionna and Cake! However, in tonight’s Halloween special episode, this go From Bad to Worse! The problem starts when Princess Bubblegum accidentally unleashes a zombie epidemic across the Land of Ooo. ...

Adventure Time With Fionna and Cake starring NPH as Prince Gumball

Adventure Time stars Neil Patrick Harris as Fionna’s Prince Gumball

Neil Patrick Harris took a starring, human role in the Smurfs Movie. NPH will also appear in next week’s one-hour special Penguins of Madagascar: Blowhole Strikes Back on Nickelodeon. Now, the icon will make his debut on Cartoon Network’s Adventure Time! The episode hits Labor Day Monday, September 5th, at 8pm, and will feature NPH as the reverse match to Princess Bubblegum, a ...

Adventure Time With Fionna and Cake on Cartoon Network September 5th

Adventure Time With Fionna and Cake on Cartoon Network September 5th

Cartoon Network’s Adventure Time has been one of the most inventive and creative cartoons in a long, long while, doing everything it can to flip things on their side. Which is why we’re so incredibly impressed at this next upcoming episode, for on Labor Day Monday, September 5th, Adventure Time with Finn and Jake becomes Adventure Time with Fionna and Cake! The premise of the ...

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