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Underappreciated Toons: Firebreather

With the sheer amount of cartoons out there, it’s no surprise that quality will be all over the place. As with most things, once you increase the volume you’re bound to get a lot of the bad alongside a lot of the good. It’s also normal for some of the good to get swept by the wayside, probably not good enough to float to the top but definitely not enough of a stinker to be noticed by people ...

Cartoon Network to start Firebreather series

Cartoon Network to start Firebreather series

About two months ago, Cartoon Network premiered a 90 minute CG animated movie called Firebreather. The tale, originally created by Phil Hester and Andy Kuhn in comic book form, was a roaring success with viewers who couldn’t get enough of Duncan, the half-dragon, half-human hybrid, and the pending war between people and Kaiju. In fact, when the special aired on November 24th, it was the ...

Firebreather debuts tonight on Cartoon Network

Firebreather debuts tonight on Cartoon Network

Cartoon Network has the hot stuff lined up for us tonight at 7pm! November 24th might have formally just be known as the day before Thanksgiving, but now Cartoon Network fans can call it Firebreather day. Later tonight, the CN will debut the latest and greatest CG adventure called Firebreather, a made-for-TV movie based on the Image Comics series about a half-dragon named Duncan. Caught ...

Firebreather heating up Cartoon Network's November 24th

Firebreather heating up Cartoon Network’s November 24th

If you’re a loyal toon fan like us, you probably have already heard that Cartoon Network is debuting a CG made-for-TV movie in the next few days called Firebreather, the story of a half human, half dragon teenager, caught in the middle of a war between the human race and the monstrous Kaiju. What you might not have been aware of is that the animated film is actually based on a comic book ...

Firebreather gets things hot for Cartoon Network

Firebreather gets things hot for Cartoon Network

If you were half dragon, how would you spend your time? I mean, you have super strength, you’re incredibly dexterous, and you can burp out blasts of fire hot enough to melt steal. Doesn’t seem like you’d spend too much time doing your math homework, now does it? These are the kinds of challenges Duncan must face in Cartoon Network’s upcoming made-for-tv film ...

Catch a sneak peek of Cartoon Network's FireBreather

Catch a sneak peek of Cartoon Network’s FireBreather

It’s not easy being a teen like Duncan. His mom wants him to pay more attention to his homework. His dad… well, his dad is a 120 foot tall monster. Makes his mother seem a little less demanding. His father, a Kaiju, has warned Duncan and his mother that a war is coming between the dragon race and human kind, pitting Duncan smack dab in the middle of the fight. Making matters even ...

Cartoon Network preps FireBreather for November 24

Cartoon Network preps FireBreather for November 24

Duncan isn’t exactly like the other kids at his school. Well, OK, maybe he’s half like them. The other half? Dragon, of course! Yes, Duncan is a half-dragon being, with all of the responsibilities and wits of his human mother, and all of the abilities and powers of his Kaiju father. So that means having super strength and the ability to breathe fire, but it also means having to ...


Cartoon Network presents NASTYbook

Looks like Cartoon Network is bringing another book into the world o’toons!  NASTYbook is the next up for grabs; author Barry Yourgaru’s non-fiction kid’s horror series NASTYbook will be Cartoon Network’s newest live-action / CGI TV movie.  Cartoon Network already has other specials planned around literature, including Tiger’s Apprentice, comic book titles ...


Cartoon Network cranks out new movies

Cartoon Network has started making three movies based on comic books.  Hey, it worked for Batman!  Firebreather, Mice Templar, and The Vanishers are the three properties.  Firebreather will be a CGI animated movie about about a half-human, half-dragon (ew!) teenager trying to protect the earth and go to high school.  The original comic book is by Phil Hester and Andy Kuhn.  Mice Templar ...

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