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WWE and WB on new Flintstones Movie

The WWE and Warner Brothers return for the Flintstones

This comes as a bit of a surprise. World Wrestling Entertainment and Warner Brothers are planning to do a movie using several WWE “Superstars” and the Flintstones. John Cenastone (a Play on CornerStone, based on John Cena), CM Punkrock (CM Punk) and Vince McMagma (you can guess who this guy is) will be in the animated production as Voice Actors. This is the second movie using the ...

Evidence of Prehistoric Cartoons Discovered in France

Evidence of Prehistoric Cartoons Discovered in France

We’re not referring to The Flintstones, when we say Prehistoric Cartoons – we’re talking about literal animated scenes that were made by Stone Age-era people, using stones and the concept of retinal persistence to represent animated movement. In a recent story from the Australian Times, Anthropologists who were investigating caves in France have uncovered a bunch of stone ...

Heroes United has us look back at other crossovers

Cartoon crossovers, ala Heroes United

The upcoming Ben 10 Ultimate Alien and Generator Rex crossover has everyone super hyped up. We’ve been adding new coverage of the special event as often as possible, simply because its just too ‘dern awesome looking. In addition to it just being a cool, brand new episode, its just a sweet concept to see two entirely different shows colliding in a single format. With that in mind, ...

Greatest TV Cartoon Theme Songs #5: The Flintstones

Greatest TV Cartoon Theme Songs #5: The Flintstones

As the 5 o’clock whistle blows at the quarry, Fred lets out a really loud, “YABBA DABBA DOO!!”, and slides down the back of his brontosaurus, racing home in his car, as fast his two feet will carry him. This iconic opening of the theme song is your introduction to “The Flintstones”, a modern stone-age family from a town called Bedrock. After he gets home, Fred picks ...

Greatest TV Cartoon Theme Songs #7: The Jetsons

Greatest TV Cartoon Theme Songs #7: The Jetsons

Unlike other cartoons in this list, The Jetsons aired on Prime-time TV on Sunday Nights on ABC, instead of Saturday Mornings, where most cartoons lived back in the day. The Jetsons had the distinction of being ABC’s first program to ever be broadcast in color. The Jetsons were the polar opposites of The Flintstones. The Flintstones were from the pre-historic past, and The Jetsons showed us ...

Rebooting the Flintstones: Do or Don't?

Rebooting the Flintstones: Do or Don’t?

Hello fellow Earthpolluters! So I guess a lot of you have heard about the fact that Mr. Seth Macfarlane is going to reboot the Flintstones. When I heard this, I was SO excited, reliving memories of the Hanna-Barbera version. Then I thought about it for a bit longer, and I started to wonder: “is he going to put his Family Guy / American Dad / Cleveland Show humor into the ...

Fox revives The Flintstones, via Family Guy's Seth MacFarlane

Fox revives The Flintstones, via Family Guy’s Seth MacFarlane

For nearly a decade, Seth MacFarlane has been one of animation’s most powerful forces. Outside of the Simpsons, he represents Fox’s Animation Domination, with Family Guy, the Cleveland Show, and American Dad. He’s also worked on various shorts, Robot Chicken, even Star Wars specials. Now, along with 20th Century Fox Television and Warner Bros. Television, the gang will ...

Cartoon Network's Boomerang animates the holidays

Cartoon Network’s Boomerang animates the holidays

With the holiday season booming in full stride, Boomerang wants to capitalize on everyone’s excitement! To do so, Cartoon Network’s little brother plans to showcase holiday cartoon goodness every Saturday and Sunday during the month. This includes Yogi’s First Christmas, Casper’s First Christmas, The Town That Santa Forgot, A Flintstones Christmas Carol, and The ...

The Simpsons meet South Park

The Simpsons meet South Park

In the 20+ years that the Simpsons have been on the air, they have done countless parodies of other TV shows, movies, celebrities, news situations, and so one. However, its rare that they’ll actually spoof another cartoon! Few honors have taken place over the years, including The Critic, The Flintstones, and Family Guy. In a recent episode, The Simpsons did a take on one of the other ...


Stone Age

Welcome to Rockville, your average, happy and healthy suburban town …with dinosaurs! BKN International and Cartoon One bring us a new animated series called Stone Age. Starring T-Bone Rex, Stella Stone Age, Neddy Neanderthal, Billy Brontosaurus, Cammy Bedrock, and Little Rock Rex, a group of nine-year-olds who live regular lives, just like you and I …except millions of years ago. ...


A Flintstones Christmas Carol

We’ve had Yogi’s First Christmas, Casper’s First Christmas, and The Smurfs Christmas Special (was it their first Christmas, too??).  Now, to continue in the holiday cheer, Boomerang is bringing all of us A Flintstones Christmas Carol later today, at 6pm.  Yabba Dabba!  …Doo! ...


Cartoon Super Poster!

Ever try to draw some of your favorite cartoon characters?  What if you tried to draw… all of them?  In a single picture?  It’d be awesome if you could do it…and even more awesome if someone already did all the work for you!  Eric Wiese and Jack Gray did such a thing with dozens of characters that all look great.  Check out the full image after the break and see how many ... now has 2 pages of news and games!12

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