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Cartoon Super Poster!

Cartoon Wars

Ever try to draw some of your favorite cartoon characters?  What if you tried to draw… all of them?  In a single picture?  It’d be awesome if you could do it…and even more awesome if someone already did all the work for you!  Eric Wiese and Jack Gray did such a thing with dozens of characters that all look great.  Check out the full image after the break and see how many you can name!

Bedrock ‘N’ Roll

Bedrock 'N' Roll

On Sunday October 26th, Cartoon Network’s Boomerang will be hosting a marathon of the best musical moments of The Flintstones, called Bedrock ‘N’ Roll.  The day from 8 AM to almost midnight, will showcase 15 of the series favorite episodes.  Through out the shows, be on the lookout for (or have your parents be on the lookout for) a number of special guests that appear, including Ann-Margaret, James Darren and Hoagy Carmichael.   …at least I can recognize Fred and Wilma!  Check out the classic show intro, below!

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