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Vote for your Favorite Oscar-Nominated Animated Films

Vote for your favorite Oscar-Nominated Animation Films from 2012!

Oscar Nominations were announced this morning for the 85th Academy Awards®, scheduled to be hosted LIVE by Seth MacFarlane on February 24, 2013 on ABC. Of course, the 2 categories that all animation fans care about are the Best Animated Feature Film and Best Animated Short Film. We want to see what ToonBarn fans will pick as their favorites this year, so we have the polls open below. Go ahead and make your picks!

ToonBarn Interview: Frankenweenie Producer Allison Abbate

Allison Abbate - Producer of Frankenweenie

Allison Abbate is the BAFTA award-winning producer of “The Iron Giant” and Tim Burton’s “Corpse Bride.” She has made a career of working on some of the most innovative animated features in the business. A native of New York, Abbate relocated to Hollywood in 1989 where she started at Disney and served as an artistic coordinator on Tim Burton’s cult classic “The Nightmare Before Christmas.”

Abbate then moved to Paris for The Walt Disney Company to set up their satellite animation studio and co-produce the Academy Award®–nominated Mickey Mouse short “Runaway Brain.” In 1996, Abbate joined Warner Bros. where she co-produced the international hit feature “Space Jam,” which combined classic animated Warner Bros. characters with live-action sequences. This film, headlined by Bugs Bunny, Michael Jordan and Bill Murray, broke new ground in animated features.

She then went on to earn a BAFTA award in 1999, as producer of Brad Bird’s internationally acclaimed “The Iron Giant,” an adaptation of British Poet Laureate Ted Hughes’ acclaimed children’s book, “The Iron Man.”

Abbate followed up her success on “The Iron Giant” by producing “Looney Tunes: Back in Action,” another family comedy, which teamed Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck with Brendan Fraser and Steve Martin.

Abbate then moved to London in 2004 to produce the haunting musical feature, “Corpse Bride,” starring Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter, with director Tim Burton. “Corpse Bride” was also nominated for an Oscar® in 2005.

In 2006, she joined forces with acclaimed filmmaker Wes Anderson to produce another Oscar®-nominated feature, “Fantastic Mr. Fox,” a stop-motion adaptation of Roald Dahl’s beloved children’s story, featuring the voices of George Clooney and Meryl Streep.

Clips from Frankenweenie (Out on 3D BD, BD & DVD January 8th)

Clips from Frankenweenie (Out on 3D BD, BD & DVD January 8th)

Walt Disney Home Video will be releasing Tim Burton’s stop motion animated feature Frankenweenie this coming Tuesday, January 8th via 3D BD, BD, and DVD formats. Aside from the movie itself, the DVD edition will also contain a never before seen footage from the Frankenweenie touring exhibit, as well as the music video for Pet Sematary, which was originally from the Ramones and covered by the Plain White T’s for the movie.

The two-disc combo DVD/BD pack, on the other hand, will include a brand new short titled “Captain Sparky Vs. the Flying Saucers,” which has the eponymous dog being recruited as the pilot of a ship meant to fight an invading army of aliens. The combo pack also has a making-of featurette titled “Miniatures In Motion: Bringing Frankenweenie To Life,” and the original 1984 Frankenweenie short film.

The four disc DVD/Blu Ray combo will include all fhe content and extras from the two disc combo pack, but will include a 3D version of the film as well as a digital copy. The MSRPs for the pack are $29.99, $39.99, and $49.99 for the DVD, DVD/BD combo, and four disc DVD/BD combo, respectively.

Here are some preview clips just to remind you of what’s in store:

Disney Launches Frankenweenie Level Pack for Where’s My Water?

Disney Launches Frankenweenie Level Pack for Where’s My Water?

In support of the upcoming Tim Burton stop motion movie, Frankenweenie, Disney has just released the 10 Days of Frankenweenie level pack for their hit mobile game Where’s My Water? For free. Getting its inspiration from the upcoming film, the level pack will feature new black and white levels that combine the film’s look with the feel and gameplay of Where’s My Water?

Disney Publishing Worldwide Releases Frankenweenie: An Elecrtifying Book

Disney Publishing Worldwide Releases Frankenweenie: An Elecrtifying Book

Disney’s global publishing arm has just released a new interactive title called Frankenweenie: an Electrifying Book on Apple’s iBookstore. The electronic book is based on the upcoming stop motion animated movie from iconic director Tim Burton, Frankenweenie, which is scheduled to come out on theaters this October 5, 2012.

New Frankenweenie Clip

New Frankenweenie Clip

A new clip has been released for Tim Burton’s latest project, Frankenweenie, in which the young Vincent is shown trying everything he has just to revive his dead pet dog Sparky. Of course, we all know where this is going to lead to (otherwise there would be no movie): he is ultimately successful.

The film itself follows young genius Vincent as he first brings Sparky back from the dead, followed by his attempts to curtail the far-reaching ramifications of his brilliant but misguided act, as the rest of the town’s children follow suit and reanimate their deceased pets, with some of them being brought back to life as harmless critters while others turned into something worse.

Discovery Science Center to Host Frankenweenie Science Fair

Discovery Science Center to Host Frankenweenie Science Fair

The Discovery Science Center (DSC) is collaborating with El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood in order to hold a Frankenweenie Science Fair, called “Sparking an Interest in Science”, as a way of supporting the October 5 premiere of Tim Burton’s stop-motion Disney feature.

Frankenweenie follows young Victor as he conducts a science experiment that was successful in brining his dead pet Sparky back to life. Of course, like Mary Shelley’s monster, Victor’s undead dog brings with it some unfortunate – and unexpected – consequences.

Frankenweenie to Premiere at Austin’s Fantastic Fest

Frankenweenie to Premiere at Austin's Fantastic Fest

Tim Burton’s upcoming stop motion film FrankenWeenie will be having its world premiere at the 2012 Fantastic Festvial, which is held at the Alamo Drafthouse in Austin, Texas on September 20. The entire festival will feature a whole slew of new and exciting sci fi and fantasy movies and shorts, and will run from September 20 to 27 in Austin.

New Trailer for FrankenWeenie

New Trailer for FrankenWeenie

There’s a new trailer out for Tim Burton’s feature length adaptation of his original short film, Frankenweenie, and it shows the movie’s lead, Victor, proving his mastery of science by resurrecting his dead dog, Sparky.

Victor then realized that his emotions may have gotten the best of him, and realized the implications of what he has done. In an attempt to curtail the possible damage that he will do, he kept the pooch under wraps. However, as expected of any pup, Sparky has no intention of staying indoors, and soon sets out on his own, wreaking havoc all over the neighborhood.

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