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Frederator Studios Announces Development of Bee and PuppyCat


Fresh off the announcement of Brave Warriors’ second season, Frederator Studios is back in the headlines with the announcement that they have already begun development on the new animated series ‘Bee and PuppyCat’. Fans of Frederator Studios’ Cartoon Hangover Youtube channel will remember it via the original two part short animated film of the same name, which debuted on the channel and quickly garnered millions of views.

Bee and PuppyCat will be the first original cartoon that will come from Natasha Allegri, whose past credits include Cartoon Network’s groundbreaking hit Adventure Time. Allegri specifically gained a cult following after creating some of Adventure Time’s highest rated episodes, such as the ones that featured the gender-swapped versions of the main characters Finn and Jake, aptly named Fionna and Cake.

Bravest Warriors’ Second Season to Premiere on Youtube


Season 2 of Frederator Studios’ breakout animated hit Bravest Warriors is debuting today via the Cartoon Hangover Youtube Channel, opening with the special premiere episode titled “Aeon Worm.” The 2nd season premiere will pick up where the season 1 finale “Catbug” left off, with with the secret of the mysterious, unlockable door sent from the See-Through Zone where their parents have been trapped for two years.

The show is widely regarded and has enjoyed an instant fanbase because it was created by Adventure Time’s Pendleton Ward. Season 2 will continue to offer what fans expect from Ward, but they can also expect several quality yarns from Invader Zim creator Jhonen Vasquez and rising star Noelle Stevenson, who is best known for her Internet Comic Nimona. The roll-out of the new season is being supported by a multi-platform social media campaign across YouTube, Facebook, Tumblr, Google + and Instagram.

Second Season of Bravest Warriors to Debut This Month

bravest warriors season 2

This coming October 17, Frederator Studios will be debuting all new episodes of their popular breakthrough series Bravest Warriors, exclusively on their Cartoon Hangover Youtube channel. The series was created by Emmy-nominated Cartoon Network veteran Pendleton Ward (Adventure Time) and the new season will consist of 12 x 5 minute episodes, with new installments debuting every other Thursday at 4pm ET.

Bravest Warriors follows the unorthodox and futuristic exploits of four teenaged costumed heroes as they trek their way across the universe in order to save all maner of adorable aliens. The quartet gets regular help from various fan favorite characters such as Catbug and Impossibear, and split their time between going on intergalactic adventures and chilling out in their invisible giant robot hideout.

Nickelodeon Comic Con 2011 first-hand recap

Nickelodeon Comic Con 2011 first-hand recap

Comic Con 2011 is all over now, but it’s left us a better world. We learned all about DC Comics’ upcoming reboot, the various super hero movies soon to hit our theaters, got a sneak peek look at some upcoming cartoons like Green Lantern the animated series, and all different types of animation updates, from across Disney, The Hub, Cartoon Network, and more. …but it’s never enough, right? We ALWAYS want more! Well, how about a first-hand look at how Comic Con 2011 really was, behind the scenes, and in the scenes! Check out this 5 minute video recap of Comic Con 2011, which features me along with cartoon maverick Butch Hartman, Nickelodeon’s Pick Boy, and the cast of T.U.F.F. PUPPY!

Cartoon Network plays Adventure Time toys this Fall

Cartoon Network plays Adventure Time toys this Fall

Since April of 2010, Adventure Time has dominated Cartoon Network. The Pendleton Ward and Frederator Studios toon follows Finn and Jake throughout the Land of Ooo. Throw in some magical powers, some imagination overload, and some of the oddest stories you’ve ever enjoyed, and Adventure Time is great new chapter in the world of animation. Now, the CN is working with Jazwares to build a toy line based on the animated series. We’ll get action figures, plush toys, role play items, books, stickers, bags, and more Algebraic stuff that you probably can’t even think of yet. Check out the press release for more info.

Cartoon Network gets Adventure Time 13 more times

Cartoon Network gets Adventure Time 13 more times

The premiere episode of Adventure Time was a phenomenal success for Cartoon Network, which pulled in big ratings last Monday night. Based on that level of good news, Cartoon Network has singed on to bring an additional 13 episodes of the animated adventures to the channel. New episodes will continue to debut on the series through the summer and into the fall of 2010, with Pendleton Ward, Cartoon Network Studios, and Frederator Studios hard at work on all of the new scenes. What have you thought of the show so far?

The Fairly OddParents premiere Teacher’s Pet

The Fairly OddParents premiere Teacher's Pet

Nickelodeon proudly brings us the latest episode of The Fairly OddParents this afternoon and evening with #326, Teacher’s Pet. The official premiere was at 4pm, but the cartoon channel thankfully airs and re-airs the toon throughout the day. The toon features Timmy wishing that he was the teacher’s pet, and Poof turning that around by transforming Timmy into Mr. Crocker’s guinea pig. Oh, great! The next episodes of the Frederator Studios series, Manic Mom Day and Crocker of Gold, will air the following week. Be sure to check out the ep if you haven’t already, and let us know what you think!

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