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Total DramaRama gets sent to daycare on Cartoon Network, Teletoon

Call it Total Drama season 6, Total Daycare Drama, Total Drama Daycare, or its final name, Total DramaRama, the fact remains: Total Drama is back. Fresh TV’s popular animated reality franchise returns with a new spin. Total DramaRama re-imagines some of your favourite past contestants (plus Jude from 6teen) as toddlers in a daycare comedy. The new series debuts September 1st on Cartoon ...


6teen Reunion Special on the Way

Fresh TV is working on a reunion special for their animated dramedy 6teen. Taking to social media, voice actors Megan Fahlenbock (Jen) and Christian Potenza (Jude) shared the good news last week. Details on the episode are scant, though Fresh TV president and series co-creator Tom McGillis posted on Twitter that the characters fans have come to love have aged, ending his message with ...


Lucas the Spider series, feature film in development

Canadian entertainment company Fresh TV has acquired the exclusive rights to YouTube sensation Lucas the Spider. The people behind the Total Drama franchise are looking to develop the adorable arachnid into an ongoing series and feature-length project. Originally intended as a test animation, the six existing Lucas shorts have amassed a gigantic 65 million views on YouTube since the ...


Fresh TV unveils Total Drama Daycare

A couple of months back we caught wind of what we thought was the working title for the newest season of Total Drama. It turns out that was pretty much the final title. Fresh TV has announced Total Drama Daycare, a new prequel to the hit franchise, is headed to Cartoon Network in the United States and Teletoon in Canada in 2018. Total Drama Daycare re-introduces favorite cast members like ...


Will the next Total Drama be about … daycare?

We’ve previously shared the announcement that Total Drama is coming back and now we’ve possibly got a hint about what the sixth season of the series will be about. ToonBarn has learned the show is currently in production in Toronto, Canada under the name “Total Daycare Drama.” Yes, you read that right. Daycare. Are the cast of Total Drama getting shrunken down for a ...


Total Drama Season 6 is now in development

After the conclusion of spinoff Ridonculous Race in 2015, fans have been left wondering if they’d ever see anymore from the Total Drama series. Fret not animated reality fans, Total Drama season 6 is now in development, according to a Youtube video from Fresh TV’s Christine Thompson and Chris McLean voice actor Christian Potenza. Not much else is known about the new season, other than ...

Total Drama Revenge of the Island Returns

Total Drama Revenge of the Island Returns

This coming June 5, Tuesday, at exactly 7:30 PM ET/PT, Cartoon Network’s hit animated reality competition series Total Drama: Revenge of the Island will be making a comeback, and it will be bringing along all the rivalries, all the contention, all the money…and Chef that made it such a popular series in the past. ...

Fresh TV, Teletoon and FremantleMedia rock out with Grojband

Fresh TV, Teletoon and FremantleMedia rock out with Grojband

No, Google, I did not mean “GarageBand.” Well, actually, I sorta did. But, it was spelled correctly when we titled this post “Grojband” which is the name of a new up-and-coming animated series. The folks behind Stoked and the Total Drama franchise (from Total Drama Island to Total Drama World Tour) have put together what they hope is the next big thing in toonland. ...

Total Drama Action, Total Drama World Tour, and Stoked heading to Australia

Total Drama Action, Total Drama World Tour, and Stoked heading to Australia

Folks with the Australian ABC TV are in for a tremendous gift. Cake Entertainment has recently signed a deal with the network for 80 (80!) hours of awesome programming to air across Australia’s ABC1 and ABC3. This includes all sorts of great shows, but most notably Fresh TV’s animated series like Stoked, Total Drama Action, and the brand new Total Drama World Tour. As if that ...

Cartoon Network preps for Total Drama World Tour

Cartoon Network preps for Total Drama World Tour

It’s not that long ago that fans were celebrating Duncan’s win during the Total Drama Action finale. Now, Cake Entertainment, Fresh TV, and Cartoon Network are working together on the latest upcoming Total Drama animated series, Total Drama World Tour. The third season, formally known as Total Drama The Musical, brings the drama from the previous years, as the cast goes on a tour ...

Total Drama goes Totally London

Total Drama goes Totally London

Turner CN Enterprises has some big plans for Fresh TV’s Total Drama series over seas in London. The Cartoon Network (“CN”, indeed) supporting company is in the process of developing a new products for the entire Total Drama franchise, which includes Total Drama Island, Total Drama Action, Total Drama World Tour, and the not-yet-appropriately-named season 4 of Total Drama. As ...

Stoked is back with all new episodes, spots

Stoked is back with all new episodes, spots

Marblemedia, Fresh TV, and Teletoon are kicking off all new, and fresh, episodes of Stoked as the hit series returns with new waves. The surfing-based drama-adventure airs every Thursday at 7pm, as part of Teletoon’s 3 Hour “Really, Really, Really Awesome” block, as well as repeating Sundays at 7pm. It’s a whole new opportunity to meet the Groms, and get in touch with ...

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