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More Total Drama, Total Drama The Musical

First, there was Total Drama Island. Then, there was Total Drama Action. For those of you who simply love the drama, and save none for their respective mamas, then get ready to be excited! Cake Entertainment has signed on with Fresh TV to produce a third season of the animated series, Total Drama The Musical. The series has already been picked up by Cartoon Network in the US, which has been ...


Total Drama Island on DVD

If you’ve fallen behind on Cartoon Network’s Total Drama Island series, have no worries! Cartoon Network Enterprises will be releasing the entire animated “reality” series on DVD this August 18th — that’s all 27 episodes!. The Fresh TV and Cake Entertainment cartoon sounds like it’d make a perfect edition to your collection. ...


Cartoon Network Enterprises has big plans for Total Drama

Cake Entertainment and Fresh TV’s Total Drama franchise (Total Drama Island, Total Drama Action, etc) has just signed on with Cartoon Network Enterprises setting up a number of upcoming products. This includes DVDs, games, and other fun items you can place on your shelves. Total Drama Island first started on Cartoon Network’s Har Har Tharsdays block in June 2008, and the new ...


Cartoon Network gets Stoked

Cartoon Network is Stoked!  Er… I mean… it recently got Stoked.  The show! The series is about a group of teenagers: Emma, Reef and Fin, who come from three different parts of the country to join the locals at Surfer’s Paradise Resort, ready for the summer of their lives!  The new Cake Entertainment toon should start up on your TV sets in a few months. ...


Total Drama Action Totally Draminates! …Action!

Cartoon Network has been airing Total Drama Action on its Thursday night line-up for awhile now and it’s been a hit!  Big in Canada on Teletoon, and now big in the US, both on TV and online.  Continuing their trend of indepth minisites, as seen recently with Star Wars: the Clone Wars, Cartoon Network’s minisite for Total Drama is rocking on with the show!  The series, brought to ...


Total Drama and Stoked like Canada

Canadian viewers will soon be able to check out new episodes of two cartoons, Total Drama and Stoked, on the local Teletoon broadcast.  Total Drama will take on an entirely new spin in the third season as the Fresh TV series is adding in a musical aspect to the episodes.  The whole season even goes so far as to call itself “Total Drama, the Musical.” Stoked will premiere on ...

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