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New First Look Trailer for Frozen Fever Short

Disney has just released a new first look trailer for the upcoming short Frozen Fever, which promises to bring back the lively gang from the CG animated hit Frozen. According to the official description, the short will follow Elsa and Kristoff as they discreetly try to plan the best birthday party celebration (ever) for Anna, but when Elsa catches a cold, her powers go awry and threaten to put the party and her friends at risk.

You can watch the trailer below:

The CyberCulture War 2014, Animation and You – The Fans.

Note: The Following Essay deals with topics and issues dealing with ongoing issues. The authors views DO NOT represent the views of ToonBarn.

In recent months, animation has gone through a lot. Kickstarter bought in CannonBusters, Frozen made a billion dollars, Saturday Morning died out, and changes all over for Cartoon Network, Disney XD and Nick plus the recent mega deal between Nerd Corps and DHX Media making DHX Media the biggest independent production company in North America made this year very eventful.

But today the focus of this editorial is something that has been worrisome to me and to many fans of animation (not totally in tune with “Let It Go” or Star Wars Rebels, despite its so-so success). A major issue has happened in the Video Game industry dealing with both the treatment of women in the independent development wing of the video game industry along with collusion, corruption and possible conspiracy in the same space. Looking at this as an observer, aspects of this war of ideas started years ago with 4Kids and their edits/One Piece, Saban and Esceflone, Crunchyroll and the issue of Piracy. But in reality these events wouldn’t have reached this state – or at least all of these issues would have been seen in a larger context if one website wasn’t asleep at the wheel. That site and what its connections are to all of this – will also be explained in the editorial.

 Why The CyberCulture War Exists:

The CyberCulture War in Video Games Exists because of economics, and who should have access to these funds. It also exists because of how video games should be perceived, and who should make and produce games. It is also a continuing battle between art as connection to community, as the world becomes more connected via the internet and so on. The Editorial could go for days dealing with all the minutiae on who said who and who did what. But I want to get to the main issues I felt as an outsider who has no bones in the fight in the CyberCulture war – to show what I think is the major issue.

The CyberCulture War is really a tussle, over the future of the reviewing, independent fund distribution, hiring practices and of most import – art and talent in the video game world. But that last part is directly connected to animation and how people view animation as a whole.

Sing Along With Olaf in Different Languages

As a way of celebrating Frozen Sing Along (both DVD and Digital) being the perfect gift for the holidays, Disney Movies Anywhere has just released a new sing-along clip of everybody’s favorite sentient snowman. Namely the part where he sang “In Summer.” Only this one is different because the clip is released in 17 languages, which certainly emphasizes the “Anywhere” in Disney Movies Anywhere.

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