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The original English voice for Vegeta returns in Dragon Ball Super cameo

When Dragon Ball Super returns with new episodes on Toonami next weekend, an old voice will return with it. Guest starring as Cloned Vegeta; Brian Drummond, the original English language voice actor for Vegeta (the one behind the meme), will now get to face off against Goku and friends in this story line that takes place between episodes 44-46. Here’s a sneak peek: Dragon Ball Super airs ...


Sony TV Distribution (the TV/Syndication Arm of Sony) will own a Majority Stake in Funimation.

Well, ain’t this a twist. Sony TV Distribution (Formerly Columbia, Tri-Star, Screen Gems – which Sony Pictures still use in various forms) will now pretty much own lock stock and barrel – Funimation entertainment, the US distributors of the Dragon Ball Franchise and other anime. Now there has been a lot of confusion about the future of Funimation – so lets clear this ...

Funimation and Viz Media's Black Lagoon brings manga to anime

Funimation and Viz Media’s Black Lagoon brings manga to anime

Since 2002, Japanese fans have enjoyed Rei Hiroe’s Black Lagoon manga series in vast quantity – so much so that the graphic novel quickly became an animated series. The toon rain for twelve episodes in the first season, and twelve more in season two. With hype still high in demand, a third season is now in production overseas to complete the novel adaptation. Viz Media then ...

Nicktoons goes Dragon Ball Z Kai crazy May 24th

Nicktoons goes Dragon Ball Z Kai crazy May 24th

Monday May 24th is D-Day for Nickelodeon watchers. Well, DBZ-day. Or, maybe DBZK-day? Whatever you want to call it, at 8pm, Nicktoons will be airing back to back episodes of Dragon Ball Z Kai, repeating the back-to-back mini-marathon again on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday of that week. The Funimation Entertainment and Toei Animation series has 99 episodes in all for its American deal, ...

Dragon Ball Z Kai to TheCW4Kids

Dragon Ball Z Kai to TheCW4Kids

We only just recently got the news that Dragon Ball Z Kai will be joining Nickelodeon’s Nicktoons lineup later this year, and now we’re here with another Dragon Ball announcement: Dragon Ball Z Kai will be heading to Saturdays on TheCW4Kids. Wait… what?! Yes, that’s right. Funimation and Toei have not only teamed up with Nick, they’ve teamed up with 4Kids, too! ...

Dragon Ball Z Kai joins Nicktoons

Dragon Ball Z Kai joins Nicktoons

Dragon Ball Z Kai will be making its way to Nicktoons in a few weeks. The Funimation Entertainment series has teamed up with Nickelodeon to start airing episodes as early as this May. As part of the franchise’s 20th anniversary celebration, Toei Animation has been airing this series as “Dragon Ball Revised” since last spring in Japan, with each episode of the anime toon ...


New One Piece episodes set sail

The adventure is not over yet, there’s still more treasure to be had!  The super teams responsible for One Piece (Funimation Entertainment, Toei Animation Co., Shueisha, Fuji Television Network) are teaming up to bring new episodes of the manga-based, pirate anime to the U.S. and Canada.  Beginning this Saturday, August 29th, new episodes will stream online at an ...


Namco Bandai to make all future Dragon Ball games

If you’re a gamer and a Dragon Ball fan, then say hello to your new best friend Namco Bandai Games America. The company has acquired the exclusive rights (at least within the U.S.) to publish all videogames based on the anime and manga series Dragon Ball, for the next 5 years. The deal with Toei Animation and Funimation Entertainment includes all major consoles and handheld platforms; ...


One Piece online

Funimation Entertainment will soon begin simulcasting One Piece online in the US and Canada after striking a deal with Toei Animation, Shueisha, and Fuji Television Network. The toon will feature English subtitles, so you can watch, and read, up on your favorite pirate crew. It’s hard to believe they haven’t caught up with that treasure yet, but at least now, I can tune in to see ...

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