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FUNimation streams Haganai Anime on Friday

FUNimation streams Haganai Anime on Friday

FUNimation has recently announced that it will stream episodes of Haganai (Bokuha Tomodachi ga Sukunai) on Fridays, starting on Oct 28, 12:30 AM. The FUNimation website will stream the first two episodes first, then stream one episode per Friday afterwards. Haganai (Bokuha Tomodachi ga Sakunai) tells the story of Kodaka Hasegawa, who is the typical loner male that has trouble making ...


Dragon Ball Z: Ultimate Tenkaichi blasts off on PS3, and Xbox 360

Goku and friends blast off once again on the HD consoles as Dragon Ball Z: Ultimate Tenkaichi is now available. This latest game in the ever lasting Dragon Ball series features 30 minutes of brand new animation, a create a character mode, an extensive story mode covering the first conflict with Raditz to the final battle with Boo, cinematic battles, over 40 characters, giant boss battles and ...

4Kids and TV Tokyo Finally Settle Dispute Over Yu-Gi-Oh License

4Kids and Yu-Gi-Oh end relationship in lawsuit

BREAKING NEWS The buzz ’round the intrawebs is that 4Kids Entertainment is no longer very chummy with the Yu-Gi-Oh! brand. For years, the company has been the home for the animated series, all the spin-offs, the movie, and all of the products and figures of the franchise, including the trading card game. However, now, the anime studio that originally created the hit in Japan claims ...

Dragon Ball Z Kai to TheCW4Kids

Dragon Ball Z Kai to TheCW4Kids

We only just recently got the news that Dragon Ball Z Kai will be joining Nickelodeon’s Nicktoons lineup later this year, and now we’re here with another Dragon Ball announcement: Dragon Ball Z Kai will be heading to Saturdays on TheCW4Kids. Wait… what?! Yes, that’s right. Funimation and Toei have not only teamed up with Nick, they’ve teamed up with 4Kids, too! ...


One Piece: Second Season, First Voyage

The second season of the animated series One Piece is soon to be ready for your home DVD players. Funimation will release One Piece: Second Season, First Voyage on DVD in just a few weeks; June 30th. The toon is the collective work of Eiichiro Oda, Shonen Jump, Shueisha, Viz Media, and a lovable collection of pirates like super-stretchy Monkey D. Luffy. ...


One Piece online

Funimation Entertainment will soon begin simulcasting One Piece online in the US and Canada after striking a deal with Toei Animation, Shueisha, and Fuji Television Network. The toon will feature English subtitles, so you can watch, and read, up on your favorite pirate crew. It’s hard to believe they haven’t caught up with that treasure yet, but at least now, I can tune in to see ...


Funimation hands out the Toei goods

Toei Animation has decided to make Funimation Entertainment the official company to distribute a number of Toei series in the US: Air Master, Captain Harlock, Digimon Adventure 02, First of the North Star, Galaxy Express, Pretty Cure, and Slam Dunk. You can find the toons on Funimation’s official site. Not all will be available right away, but Toei promises they’ll get there ...

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