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TRAILER: Archer Season 9 Heads to Danger Island

FXX has just released a new trailer for the hit action comedy series Archer, with the full intent of whetting everybody’s appetite for what’s to come when the series returns for its 9th season. Of course, Archer is already in its ninth season so fans by now already know what they can expect from the series, from the tongue-in-cheek humor to the quirky characters and everything in between ...


FXX’s Deadpool Series Project Breaks Down Further

We have previously passed on the news that FXX’s announced Deadpool animated series has been cancelled, but noted that the project could still be picked up and brothers Donald and Stephen Glover are still attached as co-producers and showrunners. Well, scratch all of that. Because an update from Variety reveals that the Glover brothers have finally left the project. FX’s official statement ...


FX’s Deadpool Animated Series Cancelled

It would seem that the widespread excitement generated by recent news that FX is prepping a new Deadpool animated series written by Donald and Stephen Glover is all for naught, as FX has recently pulled out of the project, citing “creative differences” as the reason. The planned animated series was originally meant to be overseen by Glover, who is fresh off production duties in FX’s ...


Production on Deadpool Animated Series Starts

According to a recent announcement, FXX has already started production on a new adult-targeted animated series based on Marvel’s Deadpool property, noting that the series is created by brothers Donald and Stephen Glover. The news of a Deadpool series is not entirely a surprise. The talkative, near-unkillable mercenary has shot to mainstream popularity since Ryan Reynolds’ larger than life ...


FXX to Get a Deadpool Animated Series

Fans who just can’t get enough of Deadpool will have something to look forward to, provided that they’re not averse to the animated medium. According to a recent report by Variety, FXX has commissioned 10 episodes of an untitled Deadpool cartoon and has slated it for a 2018 debut. The Deadpool cartoon will be created by brothers Donald and Stephen Glover, with Marvel’s Jeph Loeb and Jim ...


Archer Migrates to FXX for its 8th Season

Sterling Archer and his band of incompetent experts will be migrating from the FX network to sister network FXX this spring, which also marks the series’ 8th season. The show was originally set to move by its seventh season, but for unknown reasons the move was delayed. It’s all good news for fans, though, as the series is reportedly penciled in all the way to its 10th season. The move may be ...


Roger Helps Promote FXX’s Every. Simpsons. Ever.

FXX has recently commissioned mixed-media production outfit Roger to create a promo package for the launch of The Simpsons in cable syndication, which started last August 21st with the 12-day marathon titled “Every. Simpsons. Ever.” which also serves as the longest marathon ever in TV history. The Every. Simpsons. Ever. Event featured various animated network IDs and teasers, and Roger’s ...


FXX to Air Every Single Simpsons Episode in Order

If you’re one of the many fans of The Simpsons who miss the earlier seasons, Fox’s FXX network will be throwing you a bone this coming August, as they will be celebrating the arrival of Matt Groening’s long-running series through a massive marathon consisting of all 552 episodes in order. The marathon will start on August 21 and will continue through Labor Day, with each of the 12 day ...

FXX to Stream First 24 Seasons of The Simpsons

FXX to Stream First 24 Seasons of The Simpsons

FXX has recently paid a hefty sum in order to make entire seasons of the long-running animated comedy sitcom The Simpsons available for online streaming. This will also mark the first time that the show will be on cable after so many years of broadcast syndication. ...


Danny McBride’s Chozen Picked Up by FXX

Cable newcomer FXX has recently picked up its first-ever original series, titled Chozen, which is an animated comedy series from the group behind Eastboudn & Down and Archer. The series is written and executive produced by Grant Dekernion, who will also rap the songs featured in the series. Joining Dekernion as executive producers will be Danny McBride, Jody Hill, and David Gordon Green of ...

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