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Pokemon Developer Reveals New Game About Horse Racing and Solitaire

Game Freak, which is known for being the original developer of Pokemon, has just announced a brand new game that they have described as “That popular game that is played around the world will be reborn in a surprising collaboration!” The name of the game is Soliti Horse, and mixes the ancient art of horse […]

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Pokemon X and Y’s New Sword Pokemon Revealed

In a video that was shown during Japan Expo, Game Freak director Junichi Masuda revealed a lot of new information regarding the forthcoming new installments in the Pokemon franchise, Pokemon X and Y. In the video, he reveals that the main influence in the game’s Kalos region is France, and that he and a bunch […]


GameFreak Planning to Evolve the Pokemon World in 2013

If you’re one of the few Pokemon fans who believe that the franchise needs to evolve without changing genres, you’ll be glad to know that developers Game Freak have recently published a New Year’s greeting card in Nintendo Dream magazine in Japan, with the card containing a brief message from the studio.