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WATCH: GameFreak’s Ken Sugimori Draws Pulseman

Gamefreak, most notably their Pokemon series, is renowned for cute and quirky artwork. This is particularly impressive, given the limitations of the handheld devices that Gamefreak’s games usually appear on. And in case fans have already forgotten how talented the people behind Gamefreak are, a new video from the developer’s Youtube channel will remind you, […]


Big Things to Come from Pokemon This January 8th

The way things usually go with Pokemon news is that Japan usually gets the news first. followed by North America, especially when it comes to big franchise-shaking news. However, this time around Nintendo seems to be building up excitement for a big Pokemon-related news for both regions this coming Tuesday, January 8th.

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Pokemon Black and White2 Update 3

First off, there has been a pile of updates for the new pokemon black and white 2. Including the introduction movie.   Pokemon AR searcher This new pokemon AR searcher called “Pokemon Dream Radar,”  and  it is compatible with Pokemon Black and White 2. The game takes place in an area called Dream Valley.