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Boomerang to stream remastered Garfield and Friends

Turner’s U.S. streaming service Boomerang is adding another nostalgic favourite to its lineup. The first 30 remastered episodes of Garfield and Friends will debut on November 1st. The show has been remastered in a 4K resolution. The streaming service already offers a variety of the franchise’s television specials. Based on the popular comic strip by Jim Davis, the series revolves ...

Plus Licens & Design Tokyo Licenses Garfield for Japan

Plus Licens & Design Tokyo Licenses Garfield for Japan

It’s been 3 decades and a half since Jim Davis first created the lazy orange cat named Garfield, but it has yet to show any signs of slowing down, being syndicated in at least 2,500 newspapers and journals, and holding the Guiness World Record for being the most syndicated comic strip. It seems that Davis’ tabby orange cat is equally successful when it comes to merchandising, as Plus ...

MAD: Garfield of Dreams and I Hate My Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

MAD: Garfield of Dreams and I Hate My Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

MAD is once again ready to bring the hilarity to your TV sets with this week’s main skits: Garfield of Dreams and I Hate my Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Also, don’t forget Alfred E. Neuman, Spy vs Spy, and a whole truckload of comedy shorts. Garfield of Dreams follows everybody’s favorite striped calico cat as he rallies other forgotten comic strip heroes on a mission to get ...

Garfield Goes Digital

Garfield Goes Digital

After 30+ years of trade paperbacks, Random House Publishing Group will start to make Jim Davis’ beloved Garfield strips in a digital format for the first time. The first batch of the comic strip collections will be published as an eBook, particularly Davis’ first and second books, Garfield at Large and Garfield Gains Weight. The newest collection, Garfield Brings Home the Bacon will ...

YTV to launch Sunday's Big Fun Movies

YTV to launch Sunday’s Big Fun Movies

Got nothing to do on Sunday afternoons? Just filling time between school and/or work? Well, how about spending the day watching some animated films! This is the plan of Corus Entertainment’s YTV, who will be launching a new Sunday movie block called Big Fun Movies. The premiere date is Sunday, January 2nd, with three back-to-back movies starting at 2pm. The selection on that first ...

Cartoon Network signs The Garfield Show season 2

Cartoon Network signs The Garfield Show season 2

Here we sit on another groggy Monday morning, truly feeling the weight of “Monday”. But, at least we’re not alone – not only do we have all of you, our ToonBarn faithful, but we’re also partnered up with Garfield who hates Mondays far more than us! Thankfully, his show airs on more days than just that 🙂 And now, Cartoon Network has officially announced it will ...

The Garfield Show season two

The Garfield Show season two

Mediatoon and Dargaud Media are hard at work on the second season of The Garfield Show. The CG animated series premiered last year on Cartoon Network in the US, France 3, and Boomerang UK overseas, and has received a very strong following. The toon is based on the Garfield comic strip, created by Jim Davis, featuring the lovable (yet hefty) cat, who is fond of lasagna and sleeping, but ...

The Garfield Show joins Cartoon Network

The Garfield Show joins Cartoon Network

He’s plump. He’s hungy. He’s lazy. He’s Garfield. And, now, he’s in CG. Well, he’s been CG before (or at least will be) but now he’s a toon-styled CG. We’ve been hearing about this show for quite some time, but now Cartoon Network is ready for all the furry fun. The series, which also airs in HD, will run daily at 10:30am and 3pm, featuring ...


Garfield’s Pet Force

Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment is all set to release a brand new Garfield adventure on DVD, called Garfield’s Pet Force. The new CGI animated adventure is about an hour and a half long, and will include a number of bonus features when it hits store shelves June 16th. He may be a lazy orange cat, but he sure knows how to make some fun cartoons! ...


Cartoon Network Asia Pacific is getting new shows

Cartoon fans in the Asian Pacific area are due for some good cartoons! Thankfully, Cartoon Network Asia Pacific is on the case! The channel is bringing a bunch of animated series to viewers, including: L.O.S.E., Jimmy Two Shoes, Matt’s Monsters, Creep School, The Garfield Show, and Star Wars: The Clone Wars. That’s quite a collection of new shows to enjoy — congrats you ...


Heathcliff is coming back!

Heathcliff, the animated orange cat who ISN’T Garfield, will be back in cartoon form soon enough! Fitzroy Media has signed with Renegade Animation to make a Heathcliff direct-to-DVD title. The Heathcliff DVD will feature 50 short, animated spots, bringing the cat’s unique personality back to your TV. ...


So Long, Halloween!

So… much… candy!!  Another Halloween has come and gone, but we hope it was a good one!  And one in which you got TOOONS of candy!  Lots of ToonBarn fans have been sending in photos of their cartoon-based Halloween costumes, and we’ll try to post them this week for everyone to check out.  We have to say, some of you guys are REALLY creative!!  In the meantime, what did you ...

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