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Sentai Filmworks Signs Licensing Deal with Tatsunoko Production

Sentai Filmworks has recently announced that they have signed a new licensing deal with iconic animation studio Tatsunoko Production. Tatsunoko is most famous all over the world for the Gatchaman series (G-Force, Battle of the Planets in other territories), which has also garnered a lot of hype lately due to the upcoming live-action adaptation. ...


New Gatchaman Anime Slated for Summer

A live action version of the iconic Gatchaman anime franchise has been confirmed for August, but fans of the series should not be content with just the live action series, as Tsuritama’s Kenji Nakamura is reportedly slated to direct “Gatchaman Crowds,” which is essentially a reboot of the Gatchaman anime. Sources are stating that it will be a departure from the classic version ...

Tatsunoko Reclaims Gatchaman Rights

Tatsunoko Reclaims Gatchaman Rights

Last 2006, animation studio IMAGI, which developed the 2009 CG Astroboy and the 2007 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, announced plans to release a 2008 CG film based on Tatsunoko’s iconic Gatchaman franchise with the help of Warner Bros. The project entered development limbo as IMAGI focused on TMNT and Astro Boy. When the latter bombed, IMAGI was deemed as not having the necessary financial ...

Greatest TV Cartoon Theme Songs #16: Battle of the Planets

Greatest TV Cartoon Theme Songs #16: Battle of the Planets

Battle of the Planets is the Americanized version of the Japanese Gatchaman series. This isn’t going to be a debate over which is better, G-Force or Gatchaman. G-Force, which includes our heroes Mark, Jason, Princess, Keyop, and Tiny, are known for their superhuman abilities, and their trademark “Whirlwind Pyramid” formation. Their ship, the Phoenix, is almost as famous as the ...



Imagi Studios is hard at work on it’s up-coming animated feature film Gatchaman, based on an anime series of the same name, originally created in the 70s. The story features a 5-person superhero team who defend Earth’s natural resources by fighting off the evil forces of Galactor, a group of technologically enhanced villains. The CG Gatchaman animated series is set to hit ...

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