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DHX and Dentsu Team Up for New Mega Man Series

DHX Media and Dentsu Entertainment USA have recently inked a global deal for the development, production, distribution, and management of licensing for a brand new animated series based on the popular Capcom video game character, Mega Man. Under the deal, global rights will be managed by Dentsu Entertainment USA and DHX jointly, handling distribution and licensing in the US. The former will be ...


Cartoon Network is Rebooting the Ben 10 Franchise

While technically more successful than many animated series during its time, it can’t be denied that Ben 10: Omniverse failed to gain the same amount of critical and fan acclaim that its predecessors achieved. If you’re part of the fanbase that saw Omniverse as a step down from Ultimate Alien, the latest news should be a good one, as Cartoon Network is going back to the drawing board and ...


Man of Action Developing New Mega Man Series

Man of Action Entertainment has recently signed on to develop a new animated series for Dentsu Entertainment USA, based on Capcom’s popular Mega Man franchise, targeting a total of 26 episodes for the international market. Under their partnership, Dentsu Entertainment USA will be handling the worldwide broadcast and licensing rights for the new series, while Man of Action Entertainment will be ...


New Live Action Ben 10 Movie in the Works

According to the Hollywood Reporter, writer Ryan Engle was recently hired to write a new live-action movie for the Ben 10 franchise, which will be produced by Joel Silver, Andrew Rona, and Steve Richards. The film is being financed by the Cartoon Network. The previous version of the live action Ben 10 movie was penned by Albert Torres, with Engle coming in fresh off his scripts for On a Clear ...

Man of Action Studios Interview NYCC 2012

NYCC Interview: Man of Action Studios’ Steven T. Seagle, Duncan Rouleau and Joe Kelly

Man of Action Studios is the bi-coastal production company responsible for such megahits as the Ben 10 empire and Generator Rex on Cartoon Network, Marvel’s Ultimate Spider-Man for Disney XD, wildly successful video games, toy lines, comic books, graphic novels, stage productions, animation and a slew of upcoming feature films. They serve as front line creators, producers, writers and ...

Shocksquatch ready to get Ultimate

Heroes United introduces Shocksquatch to Ben 10 Ultimate Alien

If you think the only exciting thing about the Ben 10-Generator Rex crossover is seeing the teenaged Ben Tennyson team up with (and fight) Rex Salazar, you should prepare to expand your list! Why? Because that awesome two-part crossover episode, Heroes United, also introduces a brand new Ben 10 alien form – the Shocksquatch! OK, so the name isn’t all that intimidating, and at first ...

Heroes United hits iTunes top 100

Heroes United hits iTunes top 100

The new crossover between Ben 10 and Generator Rex is already available in iTunes! Cooler still, the joint event between the two hasentered in the iTunes HOT 100 list day 29! If you missed the Heroes United special on Cartoon Network (how could you do that to the Man of Action boys?!) this is a great opportunity to make up for it. Best of all, you get to keep the copy to watch again and again, ...

When Rex and Ben became Heroes United

When Rex and Ben became Heroes United

OK, it’s now all said and done. Man of Action studios and Cartoon Network brought their A-Game, and the result was an amazing one hour special where two of our favorite super heroes shared the same screen for Ben 10 / Generator Rex: Heroes United. After months of hype and hours of waiting impatiently at our TVs, we can all finally breathe a sigh of relief… that is, until we dig ...

Ben 10 / Generator Rex: Heroes United review

Ben 10 / Generator Rex: Heroes United review

Ben 10 / Generator Rex: Heroes United review On Friday, November 25th, Cartoon Network introduced a game changer: Ben 10 / Generator Rex: Heroes United, an hour-long special event of out-of-this-world proportions! The special brought Ben Tennyson of Ben 10 fame over to the universe of Rex Salazar, of Generator Rex fame. There was a smash up, a team up, and then a battle to end all battles with ...

Alpha goes Omega on Cannonbolt, XLR8, and crossovers

Alpha goes omega on Cannonbolt, XLR8, and crossovers

Ben, meet Rex. Rex, meet Ben. For the past few months, we’ve been really digging into what would happen if these two ever met – and for the past few weeks, we’ve started to see images and video of what will happen when they do. From what we can tell, we know there’s going to be a misunderstanding. We know that they’re going to battle it out, to see which one of ...

Prepare for a Big Chill on Black Friday

Prepare for a Big Chill on Black Friday

Sorry, Rex, but it looks like Ben ate well enough this past Thanksgiving to bring all of his alien friends into your universe! When it hits 7pm this November 25th on Cartoon Network, Ben Tennyson and Rex Salazar meet for the very first time in the one hour, special presentation of Ben 10 / Generator Rex: Heroes United. All week long, we’ve been getting a special look at what the battle ...

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