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Get Ace International Distribution Rights Acquired by 9 Story

9 Story Enterprises has recently announced that they have acquired the worldwide distribution rights (excluding New Zealand and Australia) to the animated comedy series Get Ace (52 x 11). The series is produced Galaxy Pop and premiered recently on Network TEN’s ELEVEN in Australia

Get Ace focuses on the hilarious misadventures of a nerdy first year high schooler named Ace McDougal, who finds himself mixed up in one exciting adventure after another after being accidentally fitted with an ultra high tech experimental braces, which is actually the ultimate in spy technology and features a laser beam, mega-magnet, super-sticky-slime-blaster, a tactical-escape-smokescreen and Ace’s favourite, a nauseous gas generator. Using the H.U.G.O (Holographic User Guidance Operative), Ace uses the braces to combat the forces of evil.

Galaxy Pop Starts Production on Get Ace

Galaxy Pop Starts Production on Get Ace

Film and TV production outfit Galaxy Pop has recently started production on tis latest animated children’s series Get Ace, which is scheduled to premiere in October 2013 on Network Ten.

Get Ace is the second commissioning from Network Ten for the young writing and producing team of Gian Christian and Dina McPherson. According to Network Ten Head of Children’s Programming Cherrie Bottger, “Network Ten is thrilled to be in partnership once again with such a talented and passionate team headed by Gian and Dina.”

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