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Dragon Ball Z Spoof Makes Their Way to Gintama Rumble

One of the funniest parts of the satirical anime Gintama is when they “punch up” and poke fun at more popular, established shonen franchises, more specifically Akira Toriyama’s globally popular juggernaut Dragon Ball Z. So when Gintama finally gets its own arena fighter, titled Gintama Rumble, it is only fitting that the Dragon Ball Z spoof characters also get in. The recent trailer for the ...


New Gintama Rumble Trailer Shows Off More Characters

A new preview trailer has been released for the 3D brawler Gintama Rumble (which, if the title doesn’t make it clear already, is based on the parody anime Gintama), fresh off the recent announcement. While it is just the usual PV, it does manage to show off a decent amount of gameplay and more importantly – reveals a few playable characters and costumes. The new characters and costumes ...


WATCH: English Subbed Trailer for Gintama Rumble

Announced earlier this month by Bandai Namco, a Japanese launch date (January 18, 2018) and an Asian release (with English language options) has also been announced for the action game Gintama Ranbu. The game is based on the hit action comedy series Gintama, and will be coming out for the PS4. Gintama Ranbu uses a cel-shaded 3D engine that does a good job of emulating the visuals of the anime, ...


Fairy Tail Site Updates With New Visuals

A little over a month after its launch, the official site for the new Fairy Tail anime has just been updated with a few images containing character designer Shinji Takeuchi’s take on Lucy and Natsu. Shinji Takeuchi is also known for his work on Gintama, so if you see any shades of Gintoki and crew, know that it’s not a coincidence. You can check out the images below: ...


New Batch of J-Stars Victory Vs. Showcase Gintama and Kochikame Stages

Namco Bandai has just released a new batch of screenies for their upcoming inter-franchise 3D fighter, J-Stars Victory Vs., which is meant to celebrate t he 45th anniversary of Jump and will feature a wide variety of playable characters from the most famous mangas that have graced the pages of the magazine. The new batch of screenshots are meant to show off the stages from Gintama and Kochira ...


New Screenshots for J-Stars Victory VS.

We’re actually still pumped-up from the recent announcement that Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 Full Burst will also get a PC release this fall (OMG I now pronounce me and Namco Bandai husband and waifu!) so a new batch of screenshots for another Namco Bandai-produced shonen fighting game, J-Stars Victory VS., is likely to get us so pumped up that we’d glow and evolve into a more ...


Gintama’s April Fools’ Prank Involves Dragonball Z

This little bit of news may be a little late depending on when the post will go live, but it’s just too cool to let pass. Now, Gintama is an anime that isn’t afraid to wear its comedic heart on its sleeves, going so far as to parody franchises that aren’t even in the same time period – like that time when they made a Star Wars parody. The latest in line of franchises that ...

Gintama Anime Movie Scheduled for Summer 2013

Gintama Anime Movie Scheduled for Summer 2013

The recent Jump Fest has revealed that the second Gintama anime movie is expected to debut on summer of 2013. The original story will be written by manga author Hideaki Sorachi, and the voice cast will consist of Daisuke Sakaguchi (Shinpachi), Tomokazu Sugita (Gintoki), and Yu Kobayashi (Ayame Sarutobi), who all took to the stage in order to promote the feature. However, the cast members ...

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