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Gnomeo and Juliet hit Blu-ray and DVD

Gnomeo and Juliet hit Blu-ray and DVD

Today, May 24th, marks the day where the world of animation mixes with the world of Shakespeare, as Disney brings Gnomeo and Juliet home to Blu-ray and DVD. In the secret world of garden gnomes, a feud between neighbors forces a lovestruck couple to overcome obstacles and see if love truly can conquer all. Featuring music from Sir Elton John, and the voice talents of Emily Blunt, James McAvoy ...

Touchstone presents Gnomeo & Juliet's Mow-down Showdown

Touchstone presents Gnomeo & Juliet’s Mow-down Showdown

Not too long from now, fans of love, Shakespeare, and CG animation, not to mention videos, will have something to rave about. Why? Because Disney is bringing Gnomeo & Juliet home on Blu-ray and DVD. But then you ask yourself… “self? Isn’t this just like any other Gnome-based promotion?” Well that’s where you’re (we’re?) wrong! This time, ...

Gnomeo & Juliet on DVD and Blu-ray May 24th

Gnomeo & Juliet on DVD and Blu-ray May 24th

On May 24th, the love story comes home! Gnomeo & Juliet is a modern day take on Shakespeare’s classic Romeo and Juliet story, played out by your regular, every day garden gnomes. Of course! Featuring music from famed composer Elton John, the film matches the voice talents of Emily Blunt and James McAvoy with the most timeless romantic tale of all time. Caught in a feud between ...

Valentine's Gnomeo & Juliet in theaters today

Valentine’s Gnomeo & Juliet in theaters today

Today is a day of love. Well, of a love movie. The love day is technically this Monday, but Valentine’s Day is but a mere holiday — we’re talking about the timeless tale of real love here! Shakespeare’s immortal story of Romeo & Juliet has been told a hundred ways with a hundred variations, but we’re hard pressed to recall a version starring garden gnomes. ...

Gnomeo & Juliet in theaters February 11

Gnomeo & Juliet in theaters February 11

As we quickly approach Valentine’s Day’s holiday and season of love, its important to reflect upon the most famous and romantic relationship of them all; Romeo and Juliet, Shakespeare’s tribute to the heart. Now, it’s a little known fact that Mr. Shakespeare, or “Willy” as he liked to be known, was a fan of stories and re-tellings. He also enjoyed spoofs, ...

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