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Gravity Falls Cast Returns for Journal 3 Promo Video

If you’re still bummed about Alex Hirsch’s animated horror comedy series Gravity Falls ending, then this new video may work as a little bit of fixer-upper: Kristen Schaal and Jason Ritter, who voiced Mabel and Dipper, respectively, has returned for a mock infomercial hawking a copy of Gravity Falls: Journal 3, which is a 288-page full color hardcover that also comes with a nifty book jacket ...


Alex Hirsch of Gravity Falls Tapped for Pokemon Movie

Thanks to the astonishing success of AR game Pokemon GO, Pokemon is more famous than ever, even after 20 years of world domination. Together with the pocket monster property’s forthcoming projects is its 1st live-action movie. The movie is based on the Detective Pikachu game which was released in February in Japan for the Nintendo 3DS. It is being produced by Legendary Entertainment in ...


Hour-Long Finale of Gravity Falls is Set for February 15

Emmy Award-winning animated series Disney’s Gravity Falls has reached its final act in a 1-hour finale episode to be aired on February 15, 2016 on Disney XD. The last episode is entitled ‘Weirdmageddon 3: Take Back The Falls’. Ford finds out the true motives of Bill and the last confrontation with Bill will lead to the ultimate destiny and greatest sacrifice of the Pines family. Jason ...


Creator to End Gravity Falls

Despite being one of the most popular current shows on Disney XD, fans may need to say their goodbyes to the horror-themed comedy series Gravity Falls. The show isn’t being cancelled, but creator Alex Hirsch has decided to end the series. Hirsch announced the decision on his Tumblr account: There’s no easy way to say it so I’m just going to say it: Gravity Falls is coming to an end,” ...


Gravity Falls Gets a Nintendo 3DS Game

Ubisoft and Disney Interactive have collaborated on a new action-adventure platforming game based on the mystery comedy series Gravity Falls. Titled Gravity Falls: Legend of the Gnome Gemulets, the game will be exclusive to the Nintendo 3DS handheld device and will be launching on October 20 for $29.99 (SRP). Created in collaboration with series creator and EP Alex Hirsch, the game tasks players ...


SDCC 2015 Clip: Disney Teases Gravity Falls

During a presentation at the San Diego Comic Con 2015, Disney gave fans a sneak peek at what’s in store for the hit animated mystery-comedy series, Gravity Falls, by way of a short teaser clip. The clip reveals that things will become even stranger in Gravity Falls after the shocking truth about Grunkle Stan’s past is brought to light. Many fans will likely see shades of Doctor Who in the ...


Homestar Runner Website Updated

I know Toonbarn Rob is a big fan of Strongbad, so this news might be a big one for the site: it seems that the website for Homestar Runnner, which hasn’t been updated since 2010 except for sporadic posts (like this year’s April Fools’ Day post,) has just been updated with a little bit of new stuff. ...


Preview Clips for Gravity Falls: Six Strange Tales

Last Tuesday, October 15, saw the launch of Disney’s Gravity Falls: Six Strange Tales on DVD, making it the perfect home video purchase for your upcoming Halloween marathons. If you haven’t scored a copy yet, you can check out a bunch of preview clips below in order to get an idea on what to expect from this exciting new Disney release. Additionally, it is also worth noting that the ...


Disney’s Gravity Falls Makes its Way to DVD on October 15

This coming October 15th, fans of the horror-comedy animated series Gravity Falls will have something special to add to their home video collection as Disney releases Gravity Falls: Six Strange Tales on a 1-Disc DVD with a free exclusive Mystery Book: Journal #3. The Gravity Falls: Six Strange Tales DVD will contain over 2 hours of hilarious and eerie adventures from Dipper, Mabel, Grunkle Stan, ...


Disney Launches New Gravity Falls Mobile App

Disney/ABC Television Group’s Digital Media Team is launching a new mobile app based on Disney’s hit animated comedy property Gravity Falls, titled Gravity Falls Mystery Shack Attack, on the iOS platform (iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch). It is already available on the App Store for $1.99. Gravity Falls Mystery Shack Attack is a tower defense strategy game, which has Li’l Gideon ...


Gravity Falls Gets 2nd Season, Subway Promo

Fresh off the success of Gravity Falls’ first season, the Disney Channel has just ordered a second helping of Dipper, Mabel, and Uncle Stan’s eerie, mysterious, yet downright hilarious adventures. Additionally, Disney has also partnered with fastfood chain Subway in order to bring Gravity Falls characters and promotional meals to Subway’s “Fresh Fit for Kids Meals throughout the month of ...

Toonbarn Spotlight: Gravity Falls

Toonbarn Spotlight: Gravity Falls

Now, I’m far from being the go-to person when it comes to deciding which cartoons are considered intelligent and which ones are intellectually bankrupt. I spent my entire childhood watching Son Goku scream really hard for 3 episodes until his hair turned yellow, and I imagine that sort of thing has been ingrained in my mind as an animated masterpiece. However, I’ve been following ... now has 2 pages of news and games!12

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