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Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures Gets Strong Ratings in France

41Entertainment, Arad Productions, and Namco Bandai Games have recently announced that the performance of Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures have been very good in France, where it is aired by Gulli and Canal J under its French title, Pac-Man et les Aventures de Fantomes.

Gulli started during the holiday break and achieved 16.3% market share (4-10 kids) or 129,000 kids which is +7% above the average for the time slot. In addition, since the formal launch on January 6th, the Series has been achieving strong ratings at 26.3% market share (4-10 kids) or 78,000 kids. (Source: Mediametrie/Médiamat, consolidated data from 23/12/13 to 22/01/14, overnight data from 23/01 to 30/01/2014)

Zodiak, Gulli, and Nickelodeon Team Up for Blake and the Aliens

Zodiak, Gulli, and Nickelodeon Team Up for Blake and the Aliens

Zodiak Kids’ Marathon Media has recently struck up a partnership with Nickelodeon and Gulli in order to start production on a new animated comedy under the working title Blake and the Aliens.

The 52 x 13 series will be Marathon Media’s first ever board-driven squash and stretch series, which is a pure cartoon style comedy filled with visual gags, with most of the story’s pace being dictated by the exaggerated actions of its characters.

Monster Entertainment Recognized as European Distributor of the Year

Monster Entertainment Recognized as European Distributor of the Year

Cartoon Forum has just finished its 2012 edition with their annual Cartoon Tributes, and the awardees for this year’s Cartoon Tributes is Ireland-based company Monster Entertainment, along with fellow Irish studio Jam Media and French channel Gulli.

Awarded with Investor/Distributor of the Year, Monster Entertainment is the company founded by Andrew Fitzpatrick, who was the former chairman of Don Bluth Entertainment.

Gulli, which is a digital French channel that broadcasts kid-centric animation during the day and family films and programs during primetime, was given the Broadcaster of the Year award. The award was accepted by its executive Emmanuelle Baril.

Hero: 108 season two in production for Cartoon Network

Hero: 108 season two in production for Cartoon Network

Kabillion. Moonscoop. Turner Broadcasting. Gamania. Taffy Entertainment. Telegael. Mike Young Productions. The list reads like an all-star selection in the world of animation, thus it’s no wonder their joint project, Hero: 108, has done nothing but grow in popularity since launching last March. The show currently airs on Cartoon Network and Kabillion OnDemand, and creators are officially hard at work on 52 brand new episodes for Hero:108’s second season. Joining North America and the UK, Hero 108 will also air on Boing in Italy and Spain, on Gulli in France, Kabel 1 in Germany, MBC3 in the Middle East, Televisa in Mexico, and PT Crown Entertainment in Indonesia.

I Got A Rocket!

I got a Rocket

Rocketing its way over to the Disney Channel in UK and several other locations is Taffy Entertainment’s I Got a Rocket! The show is based on the popular Australian kid’s book, featuring Vinnie Q and his retro-boostered Rocket as they race through life at five-times the speed of sound. Hey, if you had a rocket, wouldn’t you do the same thing?  The show is currently available in the US on Kabillion, Network 10 and Nickelodeon in Australia, Gulli in France and Germany’s KI.KA among others.

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