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New Gundam Breaker 2 Ad Features Gundam Wing Models

Have you ever wanted to pretend as someone pretending to be a Gundam pilot? The upcoming Gundam Breaker 2 will give you all the joys of being 2 levels of abstraction away from being Heero Yuy as the PS3/Vita sequel will give gamers the chance to customize 1/144, 1/100, and 1/60 scale gunplas before letting it loose on other gunplas in a flurry of miniature gundam mayhem.

A new video has been released, this time showing Gundams from the Gundam Wing franchise, including Sandrock, Shenlong, and the Tallgeese (which isn’t technically a Gundam, but bear with me here.) You can check out the video below:

New PV for Gundam Breaker 2

A new promo video has just been posted for Gundam Breaker 2, which is the sequel to the hit third person action game that puts you in control of gundams, albeit not actual-real gundams but gunplas in 1/144, 1/100, and 1/60 scales. Think of it as being two layers of abstraction away from being an actual gundam pilot (you’re playing a game in which you play with toys based on gundams.) it’s a silly concept but it’s surprisingly fun.

You can check out the video below:

2nd Gundam Build Fighters TV Series Slated for October

The official website for Gundam Build Fighters has recently revealed that the next TV series for the franchise, titled Gundam Build Fighters Try, will be airing on TV Tokyo and its affiliate networks this coming October. The Gundam Build Fighters series is notable for featuring many popular mobile suits (in Gunpla form) from previous Gundam series iterations, leading to a surge in sales for Bandai’s Gunpla merchandise.

New Trailer for Gundam Breaker Released

gundam breaker

The concept of playing a videogame that puts you in the shoes of someone playing with toys may seem silly and too abstracted from logic at first, but the new PS Vita game Gundam Breaker proves that it’s actually a workable concept.

In Gundam Breaker, you are thrust in the middle of intense firefights between 1/144, 1/100, and 1/60 scale plastic models based on the hit Gundam franchise, set in a stage full of dioramas and miniature sets. To see just how kickass it looks in action, you can check out the lengthy gameplay preview below:

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