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BTAS Secrets – Ferris Boyle

The beloved Heart of Ice episode from Batman: The Animated Series holds yet another secret, ready to be discovered by this ToonBarn special; details of the man behind the villain.  Mr. Freeze wasn’t always a sympathetic villain — we know he was once the good Doctor Victor Fries, who dedicated his time to finding a cure for his wife Nora.  Striken by a life-threatening illness, Nora ...


BTAS Secrets – Ice of Heart

One of the more beloved episodes of the entire Batman: the Animated Series run was the retelling of Mr. Freeze’s origin, Heart of Ice.  The story was action oriented at times, while also featuring sleuthy detective work, however it was mostly known as a heart-felt tale of love lost.  The final scene of the episode is especially note worthy; Dr. Victor Fries, alone in his cell, sadly ...

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