Batman Cartoon Network Green Lantern

Justice League: Season 2 hits Blu-ray July 26th

DC Comics may be rebooting the entire DC Universe in comic book form, but the Justice League we’ve come to know and love through the Cartoon Network series is still ready to rock, and now in HD! Warner Bros. Animation and Cartoon Network will be releasing Justice League: Season 2 on Blu-ray July 26th. Made […]


Disney brings Tangled to Blu-ray and DVD March 29

In a little less than two months, fans around the globe can whip their hair back and forth, as Disney brings Tangled to Blu-ray and DVD. And we’re no longer limited to just “regular Blu-ray” anymore; this modern-day retelling of the classic Rapunzel story will also be available on the new Disney Blu-ray 3D for […]

DreamWorks Other Cartoons

Del Toro brings Trollhunters, Hellboy, and more to DreamWorks

Guillermo del Toro is one of today’s more popular Director and Producers, responsible for the animated Hellboy movies and Pan’s Labyrinth, amongst others. Now, del Toro is pairing up with DreamWorks Animation to not only be the home to his new animated feature films, but to help DreamWorks with theirs! Included in the deal is […]

Avengers Disney

Marvel powers Avengers Earth’s Mightiest Heroes with super voice talent

Since Disney took ownership of Marvel, their universe has not only expanded with superheroes, it’s exploded! This fall, the pair hope to showcase that collection in their latest animated adventure, Avengers Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. The toon, set to air on Disney XD, features a wide cast of famous heroes and villains, but is also loaded […]