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Notable Soul Cutters from Bleach

One of the more popular aspects of Tite Kubo’s shonen mega-franchise Bleach is the type of swords being used as a main weapon of the Shinigamis, the Arrancars, and the Vizards, referred to as “Zanpaktous” or “Soul Cutters” (VIZ localized it as “Soul Slayer.”) For fans, part of the show’s appeal include finding out the abilities (and hidden ...


Toonbarn Character of the Week: Sousuke Aizen

This week’s featured character comes from the far east, and by “far” we mean “really damn far”, like in an alternate dimension and stuff: former soul reaper captain, former king of hueco mundo, and former big bad of Tite Kubo’s Bleach franchise, Sousuke Aizen. Bleach, in both manga and anime form, has fallen up and down on popularity lists during certain ...

Warner Bros. to Develop Live Action Bleach Adaptation

Warner Bros. to Develop Live Action Bleach Adaptation

Bleach has already entered its final story arc and mangaka Kubo Tite has already confirmed that he is moving on to a new series, but don’t say goodbye to the soul reapers yet, as Warner Bros. has recently purchased the live-action rights to the decade-old manga and has started on the adaptation much faster than what one would expect after what happened to the live action Akira. ...

China gets Naruto and Bleach streams

China gets Naruto and Bleach streams

We all know that there are certain limits and restrictions as to what you can access online if you live in some parts of China and don’t know your way around the web. One of the disadvantage to said restrictions is that the available anime are very limited, to the point that you either had to go to pay per view services or resort to illegal means. ...

The Return of MTV's Liquid TV

Netflix Streaming Adds Bleach and Inuyasha Movies

Last October 15th, Netflix added hundreds of Asian movies to their streaming service, which includes the live action adaptation of otaku boxing manga Boys on the Run, Pistol Opera, and When the Last Sword is Drawn. Anime Lovers, on the other hand, were thrown a bone through the inclusion of one Bleach movie and four Inuyasha ones. Want the details? Read on! ...


Bleach: Versus Crusade

Bleach: Versus Crusade is coming soon to the Nintendo Wii …at least in Japan.  The game hits that country on December 18th, and will feature a roster including Neliel, Nnoitra, Ichigo with his hollow mask and Grimmjow’s released form.  The game is a one-on-one fighter, but players pick a partner character for various team-up attacks and other maneuvers as well as being able to ...


Hot on DVD – Bleach Vol. 11

More Bleach on DVD!  Here’s the official writeup:  “While trying to evade the pursuing Soul Reapers and rescue Rukia, Orihime and Uryu are confronted by the captain of Squad 12, the despicable Mayuri Kurotsuchi, who plans on using them as guinea pigs for his experiments! Meanwhile, Yoruichi has revealed her true form to the astonishment of Ichigo and the others, and must use all ...

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