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5 Best Fight Scenes in Anime

Personally, I almost always prefer manga over its anime adaptation. You’re getting the better art and story because you’re getting something that’s closer to what the author and artist originally had in mind, and you usually get better pacing – manga chapters come out faster and you can slog through an entire volume in a single day if you’re not a ridiculously slow reader. On the other hand, you’re at the mercy of an anime episode’s runtime. Fast-forwarding an episode isn’t the same as skimming a chapter – you tend to lose the beat and momentum on the former.

However, I don’t believe that the manga is inherently better than its anime adaptation. There is a place for anime even if you don’t count the times when they go off on tangents or change the story completely. For one thing, it shows fight scenes better. A really good anime fight scene takes what already looks good on paper and brings it to life with sound, well-choreographed movements, and of course: colors.

I’m not exactly an anime connoisseur, as I only watch mainstream ones but for what it’s worth, here are 5 of my favorite fight anime fight scenes:

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