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WATCH: Animated Short, DUEL, Created Through Artella

Intended for the 2016 Creative Talent Network Expo in Burbank, CA, 46 artists hailing from 16 different countries have collaborated on an animated short via the rapidly-growing virtual studio and crowdsourcing site called Artella. Titled “Duel,” the animated short tells the story of three hyper-active kids with equally active imaginations engaged in a little bit of role play as they imagine ...


Trailer for Bill Plympton’s Revengeance Released

Independent animation legend Bill Plympton shows that age is nothing but a number, as he’s already in his 70th year but still producing content that many guys in their 20s can only dream about. Case in point, a new trailer for his upcoming collaboration with another indie animator Jim Lujan (Party Warriors), called Revengeance. Revengeance is described as a story focusing on low-rent bounty ...


WATCH: Romantic CG Short Jinxy Jenkins & Lucky Lou

The charming animated short ‘Jinxy Jenkins & Lucky Lou is by Michelle Kwon and Michael Bidinger and produced at Ringling College of Art and Design. It is about the chance meeting of the unluckiest man and the luckiest woman on earth. Jinxy Jenkins is the unluckiest as dangers and misfortunes tend to follow him everywhere he goes. On the other hand, Lucky Lou is the lucky one who’s always ...


WATCH: Sheep in the Island’s Unique Take on Friendship

The animation starts in a shipwreck. A cruel sheep gets stranded on a tropical island together with a duck-dinosaur-fish hybrid, which starts to look like a delicious meal to the fearless sheep. At first glance, the sheep looks innocent, the monster, terrifying. But actually, it is the other way around. The short animation continues as the sheep tries everything to catch the scary-looking ...


GKIDs to Bring Wrinkles to New York’s IFC Center

Indie distributor GKIDS is getting ready to bring the critically-acclaimed Spanish animated film Wrinkles to New York’s IFC Center this coming July 4. The screening will be followed by a DVD and digital download release on July 15. The film is directed by Ignacio Ferreras and based on Paco Roca’s award-winning graphic novel, the English language voice cast features Martin Sheen, Matthew ...

Spike & Mike Festival Turns 30 This Year

Spike & Mike Festival Turns 30 This Year

The Spike & Mike Festival of Animation will be celebrating its 30th Anniversary this year, and will once again showcase some of the most popular and award-winning short animations from the festival’s long history. The festival will feature early works by acclaimed Disney-Pixar director Ralph Eggleston along with more than 10 other Academy Award-winning or nominated shorts. ...

PBS and Joey Shanks Team Up for VFX Web Series

PBS and Joey Shanks Team Up for VFX Web Series

According to IndieWire, the people at PBS Digital Studios has teamed up with self-taught filmmaker Joey Shanks in order to produce a new weekly series that explains how to produce DIY special effects for low-budget productions. Shanks is already famous on Youtube due to his channel Shanks FX, which runs under the same premise: explaining how to produce DIY special effects, such as creating ...

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