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DHX Media Launches New Inspector Gadget Game

Inspector Gadget DHX game

In support of Inspector Gadget’s 30th anniversary this year, DHX Media Interactive has just launched a new iOS game for the long running action comedy series, titled Inspector Gadget M.A.D. Grab. The game will support iPhones, iPads, and iPod Touches and will be made available via the app store or iTunes.

Inspector Gadget’s M.A.D. Grab will feature Gadget’s faithful companion and go-go-gadget inventions including spring boots and bionic arms to help players catch Dr. Claw and save Penny. The game also includes the Dr. Claw Machine, which is an in-game store that lets players spend their game tokens for exciting power-ups.

Teletoon Orders New Inspector Gadget Series


One of the most memorable shows from my childhood was Inspector Gadget, owing to the fact that it was a funny, colorful show that had a little bit of action and intrigue (I used to wonder what Dr. Claw really looked like), and also because it was shown during Saturday mornings, which is my favorite part of the week (it meant that there’s no school today AND tomorrow. Sunday morning sucked because I dreaded going back to school).

Viper Comics revives DIC and Cookie Jar Entertainment’s Inspector Gadget

Viper Comics revives DIC and Cookie Jar Entertainment's Inspector Gadget

He may be on the clumsy side, but let’s not forget Inspector Gadget is one of law enforcement’s top agents! A cyborg detective whose bionic gadgets have helped keep Dr. Claw and the agents of M.A.D. at bay for years now. Originally animated by DIC Entertainment (now Cookie Jar Entertainment), the classic 1980s toon had all of the love and appeal of the 1960s series Get Smart, including the main voice actor Don Adams. Now, Viper Comics is bringing him back to continue fighting the good fight in a brand new comic book series. Penny and Brain are back as well… but so is MAD! Get ready to Go-Go-Gadget this summer!

Teletoon Retro’s classic toons sets subscriber record

Teletoon Retro's classic toons sets subscriber record

With over 8 million fans and counting, Teletoon Retro has become a mighty force! Teletoon Retro, the younger cousin to Teletoon (think Cartoon Network and Boomerang) is known for being home to some of animation’s most classic tales; Spider-man, Inspector Gadget, He-Man, She-Ra, G.I. Joe, Tom & Jerry, Scooby-Doo, Bugs Bunny, The Smurfs, The Jetsons, Batman: The Animated Series, the Flintstones, Thundercats, and so many more. Now, the Astral and Corus Entertainment owned channel can prodlu claim to have set a new Canadian digital subscriber record. With that lineup of awesome toons, is there any wonder?!

Inspector Gadget, Johnny Test, and Metajets to Netflix

Inspector Gadget, Johnny Test, and Metajets to Netflix

Netflix is proving, over and over, that the age of digital media is here. In addition to their awesome rent-a-DVD platform, the company has scooped up hundreds of producers, allowing the shows and movies to be instantly streamed to internet-ready devices. Cookie Jar Entertainment is the latest to join the ranks of this digital army, adding dozens of new animated series to the “InstaFlix” path. The toons include: Busytown Mysteries, Johnny Test, Metajets, Strawberry Shortcake, Bunch of Munsch, Caillou, Country Mouse City Mouse, Heathcliff, Horseland, Inspector Gadget, Paddington Bear, Wimzie’s House, Zoboomafoo, and more!

Inspector Gadget and Johnny Test to Viper Comics

Inspector Gadget and Johnny Test to Viper Comics

Typically, as seen with specials like Wolverine and the X-Men, it’s the other way around – comics becoming cartoons. But now, two generations worth of toons are now headed into the media of comic books; Inspector Gadget and Johnny Test are making the full transition from animation to the printed page, as Viper Comics signs the two properties to comic book deals. Inspector Gadget, DIC Entertainment’s (now Cookie Jar Entertainment’s) classic 80s toon, features a cyborg detective, whose human body stores multiple bionic gadgets — somewhat like an early Generator Rex! Johnny Test, on the other (non-bionic) hand, follows the adventures of Johnny and his brilliant twin sisters Susan and Mary. Fans can expect a graphic novel collection of each to hit store shelves in early 2011, along side a field dominated by Spider-Man, Batman, Superman, and other Marvel and DC super heroes.

Teletoon Retro showcases Bugs Bunny, Scooby-Doo, Batman, Fantastic Four, ThunderCats, G.I. Joe, and more

Teletoon Retro showcases Bugs Bunny, Scooby-Doo, Batman, Fantastic Four, ThunderCats, and G.I. Joe

For years, Teletoon has been a gift to animation fans. The joint venture of Astral Media and Corus Entertainment has again and again offered the treat of cartoons to fans in Canada, Latin America, and other regions in a fashion identical to Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, Disney, and others in American regions. Teletoon Retro holds a similar place in the heart, offering fans a look at some of the classic toons we’ve all come to know and love; The Bugs Bunny and Tweety Show, Scooby-Doo, The Flintstones, Inspector Gadget, Batman: The Animated Series, Fantastic Four, ThunderCats, G.I. Joe, and many more. How many of you guys are watching Teletoon on a regular basis?

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