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Marceline is under control of her Dad's Amulet

Adventure Time: Season 4 Double Episode Review

Adventure Time for this week treated us to a 2-Episode Feature. The first episode, “Return to the Nightosphere”, is the fifth episode in season four of Adventure Time. The second episode, “Daddy’s Little Monster”, is the sixth episode in season four of Adventure Time. In “Return to the Nightosphere”, the episode starts with Finn and Jake waking up in a ...

Adventure Time: Dream of Love

Adventure Time: Dream of Love Review

“Dream of Love” is the fourth episode in season four of Adventure Time. Finn and Jake, as usual, are out having fun. As they roll down a hill, they are laughing as they reach the bottom. Finn tells Jake about all the things they are gonna do, including getting an apple pie from Tree Trunks, and listening to Princess Bubblegum’s Concert. As they run to Tree Trunk’s house ...

Finn gets caught too

Adventure Time: Web Weirdos Review

The newest episode of Adventure Time with Jake and Finn, Web Weirdos, is the 3rd episode of the 4th season. Finn and Jake are walking on a trail, and do some stunts, and when Jake gets stuck in a spider web, Jake thinks it is a “vertical trampoline”, until Finn tells him it’s a spider web. ...

Five Short Graybles review

Adventure Time: Five Short Graybles review

“Five Short Graybles” is the second episode of season four of Adventure Time. In the beginning of the episode, there is a world globe seen in the right hand side of the story teller. It looks like the world, but the part of the world is torn apart. Could this be a clue to the Mushroom War? Anyway, the story teller tells us there are five stories woven into one, where they all share a ...

Happy Easter from ToonBarn Harry

Happy Easter from ToonBarn Harry

Happy Easter from ToonBarn Harry! Harry is joined by his cousin, Peter, and Humpty Dumpty, while they review some of cartoons impacting us this past week, as well as the week to come. If you would rather read what they had to say, see below the video to take in the whole story. ...

Jake and the Pirates 3rd Season Greenlit by Disney

Jake and the Pirates 3rd Season Greenlit by Disney

The mega popular animated series Jake and the Never Land Pirates’s third season has been ordered by Disney Junior, which will bump up the episode tally to 100. Produced by Disney Television Animation and broadcast daily during the Disney Junior television programming block, the series is also planned to be featured on the new 24 hr Disney Junior channel that will launch in the US this coming ...

Incendium: the Season Finale of Adventure Time

Incendium: the Season Finale of Adventure Time

This Monday, it’s Adventure Time for the last time – at least in season three. Can you believe it? The season finale of Adventure Time is upon us. That means, until the new season kicks up, anytime you TOON in to Cartoon Network for the next few months for a new episode of Adventure Time, you’ll just have to do without. Sure, you could watch every episode all over again ...


Toons These Days: Adventure Time

Doggy, the crotchety old toon returns and has a few things to say about Adventure Time!   Even though he’s enjoying time off at a ski resort, Doggy always has time to complain about the toons of today, and Adventure Time is his next target! ...

Finn and Jake are trapped in Marceline's Closet

Finn and Jake are trapped in Marceline’s Closet

You ever decide to do something fun, only to later realize how stupid it is? Like say, for example, you know a nearby vampire, who may or may not have a mean streak. If she left her house for a day, would you try to sneak in and see what she had going on in there? Well, Finn and Jake would, if that helps clear things up, and now the boys are in a whole world of trouble. Actually, ...

The Ice King and his Holly Jolly Secrets

The Ice King and his Holly Jolly Secrets

Now that we’re in December, we are the lucky recipients of many different holiday themed cartoons. Everyone’s got their favorites, and I’m sure you’ve seen Santa or reindeer or something sneak their way into your otherwise regular toon. For those that live within the hallowed Land of Ooo, there’s always one go-to source for all things fitting the cold weather: The ...

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