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Walt Disney Teams Up with Christian Siriano for The Pirate Fairy

Walt Disney Studios and Christian Siriano have teamed up in order to bring to life the latest addition to the world of Tinker Bell and Neverland, the CG animated feature “The Pirate Fairy,” which focuses on the pixie and her friends way before she even met Peter Pan. The Pirate Fairy will feature Siriano’s trademark whimsical and show stopping designs, and will also feature a start studded voice cast that includes Christina Hendricks as Zarina – a dustkeeper fairy that falls in with a band of pirates, and Tom Hiddleston as a cabin boy named James, who will grow up to become a very important figure in Never Land.

Pokemon Black and White’s Sewaddle and Burgh in Pinwheel Forest on Cartoon Network

Pokemon Black and White's Sewaddle and Burgh in Pinwheel Forest on Cartoon Network

This morning on Cartoon Network, Pokemon Black and White sees Sewaddle and Burgh in Pinwheel Forest. So just what is there to do in the Pinwheel Forest? And is this a place you’ve yet seen in your Nintendo DS or Nintendo 3DS copy of Pokemon Black or Pokemon White? Well, odds are, if you’ve traveled from Nacrene City to Castelia City, it could come up. When Ash and company run across it, they spot a Sewaddle Pocket Monster. But when they try to capture the Sewaddle in a PokeBall, Ash comes face to face with the Castelia City Gym Leader: Burgh! What happens next? Is there a battle? Tune in to Cartoon Network at 9AM today (June 4th) to find out!

Pokemon Black and White features Scraggy: Hatched to be Wild

Pokemon Black and White features Scraggy: Hatched to be Wild

On Saturday, June 4th, Pokemon is dishing out yet another double dose of Saturday Morning cartoon action! First up, at 7AM, it’s the 17th episode of the season, Scraggy: Hatched to be Wild! When the group journies toward Castelia City for Ash’s third Unova region Gym Battle, the Egg they’ve been carrying for awhile now hatches into a Scraggy! Early in life, the headbutting newborn goes up against a pack of Galvantulas, it’s time for Ash and Pikachu to step forth and help out. But can the group escape victoriously? Will Scraggy join Ash’s legion inside a PokeBall? And what will Jessie, James, and Meowth (aka Team Rocket) do when Pierce and the stolen Meteonite find their way to Dr. Zager? TOON in this Saturday morning to Pokemon Black and White to find out!

Pokemon Black & White battles the Shadow of Zekrom on Cartoon Network

Pokemon Black & White battles the Shadow of Zekrom on Cartoon Network

When it launches the morning of February 12th, Pokemon Black & White will debut as the 14th season of the Pocket Monsters franchise. We know Ash and Pikachu will be there, but what else can we expect from Cartoon Network’s new Saturday Morning series? Well, despite the fact that his quest to become a Pokemon Master has taken over a decade, Ash appears to be younger than ever, with larger eyes and a hipper outfit. Maybe this is something Brock and others disapproved of, as Ash Ketchum’s explorations through the Unova Region are now joined by Iris (who wields the Dragon Pokemon Axew) and Cilan (a Gym Leader with a Grass-type monkey Pokemon Pansage). Typical battles are sure to follow with Team Rocket’s Jessie, James, and Meowth — in title-appropriate black clothes — giving the heroes a fair amount of trouble. But we’ll wait and see along with you tomorrow morning!!

The new Dragonball trailer is here!

And it’s…  well… it’s a trailer, alright!  We’ve been talking about this movie for months, and even the trailer for a few weeks, but now there’s finally some of it available for your review.  I’ll let you guys be the judge of what you think.  It certainly doesn’t look much like the popular anime series that it is based off of, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it wont be good.  Check it out below, after the break, and leave your thoughts.

New trailer for Dragonball – the movie


No, not here.  Not yet, anyway.  Rumor on the net is that a new trailer is on its way to theaters, but not for another few weeks.  20th Century Fox will likely be showing the trailer before it’s film The Day The Earth Stood Still, which hits theaters on December 12th.  Unfortunately, that leaves us with just the last trailer and hype to talk about until then.  But stay Tooned — once it’s available, we’ll have it here at ToonBarn! 🙂

Dragonball: the movie — new trailer!

Dragonball: the movie -- new trailer!

Oh yes, that’s right, an all new trailer.  In just over 6 months, Dragonball will be released to theaters for all of us nutty fans to rush out and enjoy.  In the meantime, we have what little we can scrap up on the internet to hold us over.  Fears, interviews, music details, images… and now, trailers.  Check out the latest trailer for the Dragonball move after the break, and let us know what you think!

Lord Piccolo (James Marsters) speaks on new Dragonball film

Lord Piccolo (James Marsters)

There’s been a decent amount of info on the new Dragonball film working its way over to ToonBarn.  We’ve heard about the movie’s music.  We’ve heard the fears of the fans.  We’ve even gotten to see some of the photos and images from the film.

Now, we hear from Lord Piccolo.

SFX, the leading science fiction and fantasy magazine, recently had an opportunity to ask James Marsters a few thing about the upcoming Dragonball movie.  Marsters will be playing Lord Piccolo in the live action film based on the anime.  The upcoming issue will show fans what he said, but that’s too long for us ToonBarners!  Let’s take a special sneak peek glimpse at the info!

Q: Is there flying in the movie?

A: Oh my God, yeah.  Lots of flying.

Click below to see more info on the movie after the break!

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