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Aladdin & Jasmine Make Their Way to Disney Infinity

Disney Infinity players will be given a chance to explore a whole new world (I had to get that one in somehow, right?) as both Aladdin and Jasmine will be coming to the highly successful figure-collecting, world-building, and action hybrid game. Aladdin and Jasmine will be joining an already impressive roster of playable characters and collectable figures that include Frozen’s Elsa, Pixar’s ...

Ursula the sea witch

If Disney Princesses were real

Ursula the sea witch Nowadays, people are always leery of magazine covers because they tend to feature women whose features were digitally enhanced to the point that they no longer look like real people, but what if we look at it from the other side? What if we take famous Disney Princesses and use the power of technology to bring them to life? Jirka has got us covered. In his wordpress blog, the ...

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