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Jimmy Two-Shoes

Breakthrough Entertainment is pulling out all the stops to make sure it’s hit series Jimmy Two-Shoes gets to see the world! After signing a recent deal with Disney Television International Japan, the animated toon can begin to develop a Japanese following. Japan joins a number of outlets to air the series, including Teletoon in Canada and Jetix Europe across the ...


Kid vs Kat

Those of you lucky enough to have Kid vs. Kat in your area, like on YTV in Canada and Jetix Europe, have gotten some great cartooning in the past few months! To those of you who have not — don’t worry, the show is reaching out! Decode Enterprises has signed a number of deals to bring the Studio B Productions around the world. Kid vs Kat will soon appear on Disney Channel India and ...


Jimmy Two-Shoes

Cartoon Network in Asia and Cartoon Network in Australia are big fans of Jimmy. …and his two-shoes! Jimmy Two-Shoes has recently signed on to appear on the two networks, having already made his name known on Teletoon, Jetix US, Jetix Europe, and Nickelodeon Latin America. The series, produced by Breakthrough Entertainment, is becoming more popular by the day. Have you become a fan ...


Pat & Stan

Pat & Stan, your favorite hippo & dog combo, are going to spread themselves all over the world! TV-Loonland has worked deals with the CGI animated series to air on NRK in Norway, YLE in Finland, Icelandic Broadcasting Corp, Jetix Europe, TSR in Switzerland, and TV5 Monde in France. New episodes of the cartoon are in production now, and should be ready to air later this year. ...


Disney and Jetix get comfy together

Jetix Europe has started to merge into The Walt Disney Company. Within the next few months, Disney should become the proud papa of Jetix Europe, taking full control over the programming decisions on the air.  No word yet on what immediate changes that will have on programming like Pokemon: Diamond & Pearl: Battle Dimension, but we should have details soon enough! ...


Magnetic Galactik Football

Jetix Europe is working together with Alphanim to help keep fans of Galactik Football happy!  Together, they are working with MICA Games to develop a magnetic Galactik Football game.  The game is based on the Galactik Football series, which is a mix of 2D and 3D CGI animation and will be available in stores across Europe in just a few weeks. ...


Total Drama Island to the UK

Jetix Europe has signed up with Cake Distribution to bring Total Drama Island over to the UK. “TDI” is an animated reality series, where contestants live and compete with one another, just like a live-action reality show.  The show is set to air on Jetix’s UK channel along with Dinosaur King and Pokemon DP Battle Dimension. ...


The Secret Life of Suckers

The Secret Life of Suckers is a new 3D animated comedy series making its way to Jetix Europe in early 2009 – just a couple of months from now.  The show, from BRB Internacional and Genoma Animation, will also be available on the website’s VOD player.  The Secret Life of Suckers follows a group of toys tired of their dull lives stuck to car windows.  I dunno about that… ...


Jetix gettin new digs! …er… dot com!

Jetix will soon be sporting some new websites, at least in their European locations.  Jetix Europe has announced that they will be launching redesigns of all 19 of its localized websites across Europe, starting in September 2008.  Along with the upgrades will be a better look, easier navigation, and lots more to do.  Amongst the reported new features are a new interactive video player to ...

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