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Ultra Instinct Goku

Dragonball Xenoverse 2 Gets Perfected Ultra Instinct Goku

While Dragon Ball fans are all excited about the announcement that Dragon Ball FighterZ will have Broly and Bardock as its first DLC characters, we should not forget about the other Dragon Ball video game, Xenoverse 2. We previously reported about the upcoming Extra Pack 2 including Jiren, but a recent announcement reveals yet another important addition: Perfected Ultra Instinct Goku. Much like ...

Dragon Ball Xenoverse

Jiren Joins Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Roster

Bandai Namco’s other Dragon Ball game – Xenoverse 2 – is still being actively supported, despite their other game FighterZ currently hogging all of the spotlight. In fact, people who still play it enough to have bought the Extra Pack DLC a few months ago know that there’s still content incoming. This is fairly old news, but somehow slipped past most people’s radars because everybody was ...


New Dragon Ball Super Anime PV Showcases Saiyan Might!

A new promotional video has been released for Dragon Ball Super, and this time around it’s highlighting the Saiyan race, by showing various representatives from Universe 6 and 7: we have Cabba, Kale, Caulifla, and of course the triumvirate of Vegeta, Goku, and Gohan in brief clips that showcase their various forms and power ups. You can check out the PV below: Of particular note here is Kale, ...

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