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Kabillion Acquires U.S. Rights for Wendy

Splash Entertainment’s free On-Demand TV Network, Kabillion, has recently announced their acquisition of the exclusive U.S. rights to the hit 3D CG animated series Wendy, which is currently enjoying healthy ratings around the world, including Germany (via ZDF) and France (via France Television) ...


Kabillion’s New XFinity App Debuts

Free Kids’ VOD network Kabillion has recently announced the launch of their Xfinity TV Player App on Comcast, which will allow Xfinity subscribers to stream Kabillion’s rich treasure trove of content on their iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, and supported Android devices. ...

Saban and Kabillion to Launch Vortexx VOD Service

Saban and Kabillion to Launch Vortexx VOD Service

Kid-targeted Free on-demand TV Network Kabillion has recently entered into a partnership with Saban Brands in order to launch a new Vortexx Video On Demand channel. As expected of Vortexx, the VOD channel will be carrying the programming block’s shows, which are all geared towards boys and are currently airing Saturdays from 7 am to noon on The CW. The announcement was made by Kabillion ...

Kabillion builds on its Bratz programming

Kabillion builds on its Bratz programming

Digital kids entertainment network Kabillion is planning to improve their Bratz programming with the debut of a live-action Bratz series on their Girls Rule! Channel. The new show will complement the animated show, also titled Bratz, that is already carried by the network. ...


Studio Licensing brings Mix Master: Final Force westward

Toronto’s Studio Licensing seems to be expanding their portfolio after losing their lucrative Nickelodeon deal. The company has picked up Mix Master: Final Force for North America, the 39-episode sequel series to Mix Master, a series based on an MMO animated by Korea’s Sunwoo Animation. The first animated series also ran for 39-episodes, but was picked up by France’s Moonscoop ...

Hero: 108 season two in production for Cartoon Network

Hero: 108 season two in production for Cartoon Network

Kabillion. Moonscoop. Turner Broadcasting. Gamania. Taffy Entertainment. Telegael. Mike Young Productions. The list reads like an all-star selection in the world of animation, thus it’s no wonder their joint project, Hero: 108, has done nothing but grow in popularity since launching last March. The show currently airs on Cartoon Network and Kabillion OnDemand, and creators are ...


I Got A Rocket!

Rocketing its way over to the Disney Channel in UK and several other locations is Taffy Entertainment’s I Got a Rocket! The show is based on the popular Australian kid’s book, featuring Vinnie Q and his retro-boostered Rocket as they race through life at five-times the speed of sound. Hey, if you had a rocket, wouldn’t you do the same thing?  The show is currently available in ...

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