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Kevin Feige Confirms Lineup Change at the End of Age of Ultron

It’s been reported all over various news sites that Avengers: Age of Ultron will shake up the very foundation of the team, but now head honcho Kevin Feige has gone out and confirmed that the lineup of the team itself will be changing by the time the end-credits start rolling. During an interview with Buzzfeed, Feige noted that it’s like it was in publishing… ...


Marvel Believes in a Female-Led Film, But Can’t Do One

During a statement made to, Marvel Studios head honcho Kevin Feige clarified that they can’t release a female-led Marvel film yet, but not because they don’t believe in the commercial viability of one, but only because they already have a lot of projects on their plate, leaving no room for another one for at least a few more years. Feige also made a harsh yet totally ...


Ant-Man to Use Some of Edgar Wright’s Visuals

Even though Edgar Wright has already left Marvel’s Ant-Man film adaptation, his fans should be glad to know that the studio isn’t entirely abandoning his vision. Besides the fact that his replacement, Peyton Reed, has already admitted to being influenced somewhat by Wright, Marvel bigwig Kevin Feige has also confirmed that they are not scrapping Wright’s ideas and will instead build on top ...


Edgar Wright Left Ant-Man Due to Script Changes

Edgar Wright’s sudden departure from Marvel’s big screen adaptation of Ant-Man was talk of the town these past few days. Wright himself issued a polite statement saying that he left due to “differences in vision,” and several other people associated with Marvel chimed in to confirm that they are not siding with either side and are just sad to see Wright go. ...


Kevin Feige Discusses Movie Ultron

The character Ultron is by no means unfamiliar to comic book fans, what with the character being one of the recurring villains in multiple Marvel titles, as well as the fixture of a recent cross-over miniseries. However, the movie version of Ultron is still a mystery to everyone save for a few people behind the upcoming Avengers: Age of Ultron. What we do know is that the character will be voiced ...

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